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    Pascal Simard

    Someone just came up with something in another post of mine, and I’m wondering if the staff has considered that: Synergies between skills/spells.

    Some spells/abilities could be used to abuse status effects placed on the enemies. Say, one has a smash ability that can knock down an enemy. Then, there is another ability that is a smash down into the floor, which does substancially more damage if the enemy is on the floor (kinda like smashing their skull in the ground) … Ice daggers that can abuse of the Frozen status, or spells that negate a status to cause an effect. Conflagrate, which would end the Burning status on all nearby enemies, but the flames envelopping them explode in a violent blast (perhaps damage equivalent to the Burning left)…

    Of course, someone who doesn’t want to use those gimmicks wouldn’t have to, but being able to master those would give an edge in some higher game difficulties when they are implemented. That would have to be done carefully though… People could get very creative with those…

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