Topic: Staffs seem pointless in this version of the game. Umbra generation needs a fix.

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    Umbra generation + staffs seem pointless, since you cant use any melee attack (rage spending) with a staff? Mage is now a waiting game for any longer fights. Seems unbalanced, and not fun at all.


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    Hi, using a staff and waiting on umbra regeneration works like any other game. Getting the right affixes and passives to maximize your regeneration rate is a little difficult at the moment, however. Update will add Signature Skills, and one of them will be of great help for mage-oriented playstyle. The Umbral Knight section of the PST will also allow players to generate umbra on hit.
    In the meantime, Umbra potions should be your best tool to regenerate Umbra.



    Hm, fair point – but then again, for me even with 3 large potions i was still having alot of trouble regenerating, with almost every umbra node on the tree (repseced many times) – Would be fair enough to balance umbra around umbra flask potions, if they didn’t have a cooldown. – In my opinion flasks need to be refilled as you killed mobs, or flasks charges when u stun/apply-status/crit/dodge or something like that, would make it much easier – because even with all these things you mentioned, i still feel like im waiting for it to regenerate/flasks to refill for 40% of the time, 60% of the time with bosses. I got very bored with that playstyle :/

    PS:Other than that, i have found the game extremely enjoyable – one of the best alphas i have ever played.

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