Topic: {Suggestion} Gate of fates

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    Hello all,

    first, i like the idea of the gate.
    But in the moment i think it is entering with to less attention the game. Perhaps it should be a part of the game lore and from lvl XXX (perhaps lvl 10) you’ll starting a quest, in wich you learn a bit about the gate and gather the first parts to rebuild it, make it work again and help you learn new skills.

    Perhaps in the late game, we could free some “magical blacksmith” who is able to change parts of the gate with special materials you loot form special dungeon bosses.

    best regards



    Guardian Angel

    Hi, once the story is more fleshed out we’ll introduce the gate of fates in a more appropriate manner. In the meantime we wanted it to be easily accessible for players during the alpha 😉



    Hi Alan,

    oh … than i can’t wait for seeing the gate getting a live again, flashing up it’s power through the city.


    best regards


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