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    Is there any plans for letting players play a support character? I always find the most fun in the classic tank + dps + healer setup, and I’m longing for an ARPG where this works in multiplayer. I dont care at all for single player, and only play games with my friends where we play together.

    I can see a ‘guardian’ setup available, and damage setup of course. Is there as well skills for supporting/healing/buffing/debuffing? (sacrificing tanking + damage, for support).

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    No plans for exclusive healer profiles, but some nodes in the PST will propose useful talents for teamwork.

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    I like this idea, also just for the fact that I personally like to try and create hybrid characters, I like to have one damage ability, one movement, one support and fill in the rest with what I can. I know it’s a little counter-productive to kill efficiency as opposed to just maxing stats for 1 ability that you use 95% of the time but to me that is the most boring game-play style ever and it has plagued ARPG’s (Looking at you Path of Exile)

    It seems silly that these game try to suck in players by showing these HUGE webs of passive skill trees like there’s some miraculous amount of customization when in reality you’re still going to be forced to min/max and spam one main ability all the time if you want to compete in the end game content of these games. It’s boring, worn out, over used, generic, all of the above and I hope Wolcen doesn’t end up like that because I actually had a good amount of fun in this game and was able to pull off a successful hybrid build that used multiple abilities and seemed to still be on par with some of the min/maxed builds I found online.
    But after seeing how some people were able to just focus all their stats into ensuring that one ability was extremely powerful and then just spamming it made me worry that this game would end up like POE… boring as fuck using one ability and watching waves of enemies die in front of you with no way they could hurt you, so you don’t even need to think, you just hold a mouse button and enjoy the pretty fireworks! FUN!

    But to sum it all up, YES support skills would be a great idea. And I would LOVE for the end game to NOT have 0 second cooldown abilities. I always assumed that’s what auto attacking was for… abilities lose their spice and fun when its done like that

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