Topic: Technical Beta: Phase 2 is live!

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    it’s been a while since I’ve been on the forums here.
    But I just wanted to say that the game is already incredibly fun with the very limited amount of  skills available in the tech beta 2.
    I really can’t wait for the full list of skills, the apocalyptic mode, the story and map!
    There is so much of what I have always wanted from an Action RPG in this, my only complaint is a bit of latency with some of the boss/large enemy attacks. The chain grab pulls me a second after i see the chains get pulled in and so on. But it is to be expected from early server testing. I hope to get a true taste of the combat lag free. and for the most part I have.



    hey guys i’m an early game player in alpha i would like to join the beta as well but i don’t have the beta Onglet in steam

    COUNTRY: morocco north africa.

    ping: 20/40.




    Is GOG going to get update this millenia? Either support the game you created or refund the money to the GOG players…



    Happy New year to all, I play this game on Steam and would like to know about the Beta (as I do not find this so said update, or “Beta tab”). I haven’t been following as closely as some others here but absolutely enjoy the game. Keep up the good work and oh no pressure here but work faster? lol as I, (We) probably like more of this games content out. please keep us posted and thanks again!

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