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    Be sure to institute a proper trading system. I would recommend developing a trading system to be developed in house by you. I do like the layout of path of exile’s trading system: but wish it was developed by the game developers and was actually attainable in game. Also to be able to price check items directly would be insaneeeeee. It would make you better then GGG if you do it in advance.



    Auction House!



    Please no auction house. D3 already made that mistake.



    Cons of trading is simply the fact that some people will spend real money on items ( on trading sites or sth ) and dont play the game which isnt what devs want.

    Tho avoiding this by applying party loot trading only is wrong, simply because it cuts the longevity of the game.I want to be abble to sell an 10/10 items i know i wont use and trade it for something usefull for my char/s.

    For me trading should be allowed but with restrictions.For example time restriction (like you can sell 1 item per month?)

    Or even simplier thing: add an ingame drop item which allows you to trade and make it very very rare.It will serve as currency aswell ( like stone of jordan)



    Guys . D3 do mistake with real money in game . That think destroy game totaly!!!!!!! Auction with gold will be the best way for so mutch ppl whos like finding items in game and grinding with it.  I love it so mutch and i hope game will have auction with game money ( NOT REAL MONEY !!!!!)-

    Diablo 3 system with self find items  is for stupid  retards and little kids who doesnt need brain.

    Pls do action in this nice GAME TY TY TY


    PS : Sorry for my english

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