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    I’m loving the work you are all doing so far. I do have a few comments regarding the new main ui design. I think this still needs more work. I’ve noticed that you’ve applied thick bevels to many of the elements within the ui – the skills on the right, inventory & options etc on the left. No offence, but this is a very old design trend and gives it a dated look. I’m guessing this was done to visually separate the various skill boxes, however I think this is unnecessary. I think you should flatten out the skill boxes (remove the bevels or add a slight 1px highlight to each box).
    I guess I’m saying the new ui needs a cleaner look. I also think you could remove the cog on the left. I’m guessing this represents the game options? It just seems that the icons on this side are fighting for space and look squashed together. The game options won’t be accessed all that much during gameplay, and most players will be happy with accessing it via a key press. This will then free up space on the left so your other options can take on a more square aspect, and in that respect be more consistent with the right side boxes. You could also think about removing the inventory button as well. ARPG players are accustomed to hitting i for inventory and c for character. I’d like some other players to weigh in on this as well though, as this is my personal preference, and don’t want to assume that this is the case with other players.
    Concerning the grunge that you’ve applied to the ui. Maybe this could be dialled back a little with certain areas like your health globe, and the 2 mana/rage bars above it, as the grunge makes it harder to achieve a nice glassy look. The reflections are too diffused. This might have been intentional on your part. As a designer, I know that sometimes you don’t wish to draw attention to certain elements. In this case though, I think it would be a nice touch to glassify those specific elements. I have attached an image of your ui, but modified a little, as I wanted to illustrate my points.

    As you’ll notice, I’ve also adjusted the color of your mana bar as well. Once again, my opinion, but you have too much magenta in your bar, and it is too bright as it tapers off. I think you can go for a richer/darker blue, which would in turn help any reflection stand out a little more. Lastly I’ve made your statues at either end pop a little more, as I felt these blended too much into the background.



    Since ya’ll are very far into the convo and I cant keep up, I’ll just put in my 2cents.


    Imo I really liked Path Of Exiles Hud, it all just worked together really well and was easy to follow through while also standing out from the game behind it.

    Something along those lines would definitely be good.

    As for its ‘style’ I get a bit of a viking feeling when I play the game, so perhaps something to reflect that? (If I am correct in assuming its inspired by that mythology, theme etc) I like in arpgs how the hud has skulls, demons, symbology and other things woven into it, that would work great here.

    With the abilities tab, its a bit fiddly, with the multiple tabs per ‘class’ tree. My view on this is to have it like the POE tree, but have the abilities instead, with each branch being one of the class paths. That would be really cool. Currently its a bit like TitanQuest, while it is a good game, the skill trees isn’t particularly my favorite part, lets just say.

    Other than that, good job and keep going!



    Sorry if this has been suggested already, but I know there’s an option to show items on the ground, but the items labels will still eventually disappear. Can this be a toggle on/off option to always show item labels?

    -My first post, just wanted to say this game is great fun and am very excited to see it develop and grow.



    press alt if they dissapear to get them back again



    Thanks Evarsor for the reply. I should have made myself more clear. I know you can press alt to show the items that dissappear, but they will still fade away again. I’m constantly pressing alt to make sure I didn’t miss anything. If they could have the option to permanently keep item labels on, it would be a nice improvement.




    I wrote my UI feedback on Steam but just in case you missed it, I will write it here again.

    1- UI does not scale high enough for high res monitors. The text is too small, it needs to scale better on the tool tips and every single written text, at least 2x for 2k res and 3x for 4k. It is extremely annoying to try to enjoy the game when I have to hug the monitor to see what each skill does or God forbid read what passives do on the passives wheel. It is bad enough on 1440P that I just took the entire elemental tree instead of reading what each passive does.


    2- The mouse cursor/pointer. It is way too small on a high-res monitor and it is not outlined with a stronger color. I kept losing it position mid fights due how to small it is and because of the cursor color blends in with the background.


    I can’t stress enough how annoying both issues are, I do hope for both to be addressed at some point soon.




    Hello all,

    just a short idea i thought about the UI

    Actually the skills are learned by books. I can’t remember correctly if this had been used by another game, but what about the character will learn from scrolls wich will be stored in a book.
    And instead of “normal icons” we sort the scrolls next to another and when using a skill, the scroll is burned down. Because it is no normal scroll it will build up magicaly again with an glowing effect wich explodes ab bit to see when the cool down is ready.

    best regards


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