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    Hi everyone! After being introduced in the last devblog, the first 7 Signature skills are now usable in the game. You can find an extended presentatio
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    Hi! My question is when will the GOG version be updated to




    Really like the idea of the new signature skills. This game is looking very promising. However the enjoyment is spoilt by the numerous in game crashes I am experiencing.



    Dear Alan, dear Wolcen Team!
    First of all your game is great. I bought it on GOG last week. It started well, but the enemies are invisible. I can kill them they are there but i they are invisible. I wrote this problem to  you and the answer was that it will be fixed in short time. The patch was released on the last week on Friday on steam! But the GOG version has not been updated until now. In fact, the steam version also got a hotfix. Why do not fix the GOG version too? Other two players has also detected the same bug. Why are you different to us than the steam gamers? We also bought the game. The fix is ready so what is the problem?

    Thanks for your answer!
    Regards, Miklós Budán



    Signature skills are pretty cool so far.  One suggestion though.. is it possible signature skills get specialized trees like the other skills?


    I’m playing a pure caster and the signature skill is really useful.  I use it almost every fight.  That’s the problem though.  It’s a lot of extra clicking in addition to everything else.  I would love to be able to specialize it further.


    For instance:  20% more effective, but cooldown on the active ability is 50% more.


    Features like this would still keep it balanced in boss fights since it wouldn’t be too much damage burst due to the cooldown. But it would mean I don’t have to click it every single time it’s off cooldown.  My umbra regeneration is fine so there’s no downside.

    It’s pretty crazy how often I am clicking it.  It feels like it instantly became my 2nd most used ability.


    In general, this would be a suggestion for all abilities, really.  Allow for more damage or bonus/effect but at the cost of a substantially longer cooldown.  Sometimes it’s fun to relax with games like these and clicking so often I’m almost playing the piano can be a bit much.


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