Topic: Where does the Name "Wolcen" come from?

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    I think the name Umbra was already used, and for the rights concerns, they changed to Wolcen : Lords of Mayhem, besides the studio, initially called Solarfall Games, becomes Wolcen Studio.


    Plagues of Wrath

    It’s an Ænglisc (Old English) word.  It means “sky” or “cloud” and is the predecessor to the modern English “Welkin”.  The word should be pronounced “wolken” rather than “wolcen”, not only because of the evolution from “wolcen” to “welkin”, but because that’s the historically accurate pronunciation. The letter “c” was never,
    ever pronounced as an “s” in Old English. It’s always either a hard “k” sound, or “ch”. Sometimes as “sh” when following an “s” as in “sceadu” (shadow), but never as an “s” itself. It’s not the first time an Old English word has been used with an incorrect pronunciation in a video game. Path of Exile’s “Wraeclast” is in the same boat. “Wræclast” or “wræclastas” appeared in the Anglo-Saxon poem “The Wanderer” (which essentially means “the paths of exile”) is not pronounced “rayclast”, but “wraclast” as the ash letter (æ) is pronounced as an “a” like in “bat”. Sorry to go on and on about it, but Old English is kind of a passion of mine. Welkin Etymology

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