Topic: Will Wolcen: LoM finally be "that game" ?

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    Greetings my fellow companions!

    I’d take if you are lurking in this forum you too are afflicted by the arpg curse.

    It has been over 10 years I have been looking for a decent successor to Diablo 2: LoD… Even if deep down I am truly a fan of Diablo 1. That experience is carved in my mind with my other high-school memories.

    Anyway, my enjoyment for Diablo 3 lasted about 5 days. I couldn’t feel any form of real satisfaction. The experience was too repetitive, not challenging. A horrible disappointment, on par with Star-Wars: Episode 1.

    I wandered across many places to find a cure. PoE, countless mod for Diablo 2, ‘90s J-rpg on emulators. I have followed Umbra, sorry Wolcen: LoM, for a while. Earlier this week, I decided to spend the 14.99 GBP to get in based on the newly video gameplay uploaded on steam.


    It has been 3 days I barely say “hi!” to my kids when I return from work… I quickly log in to play an hour of Wolcen: LoM.


    It is only an alpha: 0 sound immersion, far to easy, 0 progression on monster density (feels like a bad episode of “the walking dead”), no lore, rpg aspect far too light (I m a big DnD fan) …

    But nothing that a good Game Designer and Sound Artist can’t fix. What excites me is that two essentials aspects  (but not sufficient) to make a great arpg are present in the game:

    1 – A passionate team:  Just look at the monster jumping monster looking like D3 Dark Demon. Jumping around, tunnelling. This is the level of details and polish that make the difference between a AAA title and a forever indie game. Keep it up! Bonus point: they’re French! Alongside Brits they should be the best at crafting a decent, dark, grim medieval lore.

    2 – A fluid combat experience:  this is not 1996 anymore (sadly), only positive Diablo 3 had was the fluid combat experience. The poor combat experience is what killed PoE. Wolcen: LoM have this dynamic reminding me of good old ‘90s arcade fighting game (e.g. Street Fighter II). That “space” dodge move is a great example of it. Keep this. Expand on it.

    Just please take your time to finish it properly (Winter 2018 is the target I’d assume give the state of the game?), now it is all about game mechanics. You have all the component to bring us the next proper arpg title.


    TL;DR: It is only an alpha but I see potential for Wolcen:LoM to succeed were Diablo 3 failed. Take your time, don’t neglect the lore. Just blast questions into the r\RPG section of reddit if you want to test some ideas. You are on the right path! It has been a long time I haven’t been enthusiastic about arpg title.



    Will Wolcen be “that game?”  Yes, it’s too early yet to tell, but no, I’m not discounting the possibility.  I can’t help but imagine that the litmus question for each new feature has been “will this make the game more awesome,” and I have thoroughly enjoyed each addition.

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