Topic: Work In Progress: Targeting and Input Buffering

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    Guardian Angel

    Hi everyone ! Lucas here, back at the devblog writing desk ! Today, we are going to get technical with one of my latest task: improving player control
    [See the full post at: Work In Progress: Targeting and Input Buffering]



    The Blizzard link is not working for me or… at least, there pops up a notification of the site, telling me that “a paramaeter is missing”. Probably an issue of the site, not of the link.

    Great news again!
    Diablo3 has the best playerfeedback of all common ARPGs of the modern time in my opinion. Even if it sucks in terms of story and content and… many other things, it is still one of the best ones in terms of gameplay feedback. At least one property of Diablo2, which they could sustain to nowadays.

    So if you guys manage to get the feedback even almost as good as in Diablo 3, backing this game was already wortth it.

    "That is not dead what can eternal lie,
    and with strange aeons even death may die."



    Awesome news… you can find the video here:

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    Thx, the link is working in the meanwhile though.
    Good video btw!

    "That is not dead what can eternal lie,
    and with strange aeons even death may die."

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