Patch 0.3.6 – Mage Staves and Hit Animations!


Patch 0.3.6 – Mage Staves and Hit Animations!

Hi everyone !
Today we are releasing update 0.3.6, which finally brings Mage Staves to the game !

Each Staff comes in four variety, depending on its elemental type. As you’ll see, each element has a different attack style ! We’ve included Fire, Frost, Lightning and Umbra staves, and more elements will be added in the future. Using staves will let you damage the enemy while letting your umbra regenerate. Because of this, Unlimited Power has regained its status as a proper spender.

Our animator has also worked hard to add hit reaction to every enemy in the game. Combat should feel more satisfying now, as monsters will express pain with each blow they take.


We’ve made a number of changes in order to prepare for big upcoming updates (including new enemies, amors, a complete rebalance of the game and more)
You’ll find them in the changelog below. Have fun !

* Modified: Orc Crossbowmen now wield an appropriate Orc Crossbow.
* Improved: The rendering in the open world is now slightly brighter, with a greater range of eye adaptation.
* Modified: Protection Shield (pink bowl) – Sparks will be less reactive to wind now
* Fixed: Random render crashes, usually happening in cave dungeon

Fixed: Ring item comparison not showing in player chest

* Fixed: Various mouse manipulation for items placement

* Improved: Mob/Horde mix
* Improved: Large group fire FX (set a large mob on fire!)
* New: Inventory sounds
* New: Skill tree enter and exit sounds
* New: Quest and objective sounds
* New: Master effect to control very loud gameplay moments (limiter)
* New: volume compensation for camera distance. Far out camera is no longer much quieter than zooming in close to the player character
* Fixed: Teleport sound cutting out and not resolving smoothly
* Fixed: Distinction made between simple crossbow shot sound and triple shot.

* New: Several hit animations triggered by melee attacks for all enemies in the game except the Ghoul
* Fixed: Many “character sliding” issues on stairs
* Fixed: Player direction issue when blown away
* Fixed: Many collision and “flying” character issues

* New: Mage Staves ! There are 4 staves in the game at the moment, each divided between 4 elements. Each staff comes with a skill combo!
[*]Fire – 5 Skills combo
[*]Frost – 5 Skills combo
[*]Lightning – 5 Skills combo
[*]Umbra – 5 skill combo

* New: A Stats and requirements system have been added, but the requirements themselves will be added in the next patch. Item will have required level of 1 until then.
* New: Orc Crossbow
* New: Orc Axe
* Modified: Player’s movement inertia removed (heavy feeling when starting a movement)
* Modified: Drop rates of magical and rare items has been slightly increased.
* Modified: The gloves slot has been removed, and gloves are now attached to their respective arm armors.
* Modified: Strength now grants 0.2% melee damage per point.
* Modified: Power now grants 0.2% spell damage per point.
* Modified: Dexterity now grants 0.2% ranged damage per point.
* Modified: Skeleton Overlord doesn’t jump backwards anymore.
* Modified: Skeleton Overlord has less health.
* Modified: Armor parts are now splitted into three categories (Heavy, Medium, Light) instead of four.
* Fixed: Bug teleporting the player back the player few meters away in some places
* Fixed: Base attack sometime costs Umbra ressource
* Fixed: Ranged AI will not run away forever anymore
* Fixed: Shield will now disappear when you die

* New: Keyword system for affixes generation, which allows for more logical affix distribution on a per-item basis.
* Modified: Every affix in the game has been modified to work with the keywords system, and will generally roll on more items than before.
* Modified: The Life-On-Hit affix has been improved.
* Modified: The All Resistances affix has been tweaked.
* Modified: Glove-specific affixes now roll on arm pieces.
* Modified: The Assassin Waistband now has an added critical chance of 5%.

* Modified: Multishot now fires 4 bolts instead of 3.
* Modified: Rapid Fire now fires 5 bolts instead of 3.
* Modified: Unlimited power is now a bit more powerful and has an umbra cost again.


* Modified: The Practical Weapons skill now grants 25% increased critical chance.

* Fixed: The Precise Shot bonus was stacking indefinitely.

* Fixed: The Protective Storms skill was sometimes resetting itself.
* Modified: Cold Hands, Absolute Zero and Snow Storm have been rebalanced.

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