Patch Changelog


Patch Changelog

[German translation]

Hello everyone !

As told on Facebook and Twitter this morning, the patch is delayed to tomorrow in the evening due to technical issues.
However, I would like to share with you some preview on what to expect when we update the game, with quite cool features implemented.

1. Bug and crash fixes

We want players to have an enjoyable environment while testing the game. In order to do so, we gathered tons of feedback on various crashes and bugs to fix a maximum of them. Of course, we could not handle absolutely all of them, some issues are related to content that will eventually be deprecated and replaced in the new Act I, but we managed to fix a great amount of issues that were reported in the last months.

Beside bows and the targeting revamp we introduced on our previous devblog[/url] , we have some new content incoming with the patch

2. Ice spells

We revamped the frost nova to make it cooler than ever, along with 2 new frost spells you will now have access to: Frost Meteor and Frost Lance.

Frost Nova now boast new skill modifiers as well as new particle effects. These include the ability to remove the skill’s cooldown, to cast at cursor location, to use it as a damage dealer, and more.

Frost Lance is a projectile spell that takes time to take form before launch. Skill modifiers include tweaks to the launch time, damage tweaks depending on the distance travelled, and more.

Frost Comet is a rock of frost forming above the ground and crashing down a few moments after. Skill modifiers include tweaks to the launch time, increased explosion radius at the expense of adding a cooldown, leaving a cold area that slows targets down, and more.

Ready to experience some devastating Frost spec?

3. Resistance balancing

All resistance sources have been rebalanced.
Henceforth, to resist a third of incoming damage you will now need ten times a monster level in resistance points. Also, you will need twenty times a monster level to resist half the damage.

As promised, you can read the changelog now and we will apply the patch tomorrow in the evening. Thank you again for all your support and your understanding, we’re glad to have you as our community 😊



  • Lightning related crashes have been fixed.
  • Several (tons of) game crashes have been fixed.


  • Each overkill type now has an associated visual effect.
  • The silhouette visual feedback when hovering characters or objects with mouse has been reworked.
  • The blinking on-hit visual feedback has been reworked.
  • Added golden effect on Elite enemies.


  • Merchants no longer restock if you have the merchant UI open.
  • Time displayed under the minimap is now the real time instead of the in game time.
  • Gems will now appear Teal-colored on the ground.
  • Fixed the left hand item not being unequipped when resetting the passive skill tree and having titan strength.
  • Fixed the close button of the bounty UI.
  • Fixed a bug allowing players to put items in locked player chest panels.
  • Fixed a bug causing gem sockets artefacts to appear in the inventory grid when unsocketing gems from an item.


  • Picking up a quest item with a full inventory will properly update the quest objective.


  • Merchant NPC RAM optimization.
  • Pressing a skill key during a dodge roll as a male character will no longer cast the skill two times when exiting the dodge roll.
  • Changing the AST of a skill after it was cast, and before it was triggered, will now correctly use the initial skill parameters when triggered.


  • You should no longer get stuck in a water area if you don’t try to push too far in depth.
  • You should no longer get blocked between two random dungeon parts in random dungeons.
  • Corrupted Random Dungeon is deactivated for maintenance.
  • Halaku’s door has been fixed.
  • Missing Materials in the corrupted area have been replaced.


  • Passive damage resistance formula has been modified and its impact on gameplay has been increased.
  • A few ROS transfers were not making use of your transfer time modifiers.
  • Snaring enemies by Dashing on them was not always working. We fixed it.
  • Ironguard passive effect no longer disappears when using it.
  • It is not possible to equip Ironguard without a Shield anymore.
  • Fixed a bug allowing you to keep a templar weapon from the Weapons Tutorial quest.
  • Fixed the “machine gun” attack speed issue with pistols.
  • The level 5 requirement has been removed on tier 1 gems.
  • Fixed a bug causing the players to go through the ground when knocked down, teleporting them to random locations.
  • The attack range of melee and ranged weapons has been unified.
  • All basic weapon combo now uses 2D shapes for their targeting, resolving several issues and allowing to cleave on many targets with one hit.
  • Fixed various bugs with the Active Dodge/Dodgeroll.


  • New enemy: Undead Butcher! The Butcher is a powerful foe wielding a Cleaver and a Hook at the same time. Beware of its belly-mouth!
  • New enemy: Pithus Watcher.
  • New enemies: Wormaggot and Corrupted Wormaggot.
  • Halaku now inflicts less damage.
  • Halaku’s skulls now inflict physical damage, making it less punishing for melee characters.
  • The corrupted slug will now move faster upon detecting a target.


  • New weapon type: Bows!
  • Several issues about items, gems and potions have been fixed (items duplication, crashes, infinite gold, incapacity to use, etc.).
  • Fixed a bug causing items to disappear when unsocketing a gem with a full inventory.
  • Fixed a bug causing items to be downgraded on character loading.



  • Mass Murder’s description has been changed to avoid confusion.


  • Decreased Overheating damage, which should decrease the amount of unwanted deaths.


  • New Active Skill: Frost Lance.
  • New Active Skill: Frost Comet.
  • Reworked Active Skill: Frost Nova.


Useful links :
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    Tubal Cain

    No patch?

    Do we have to uninstall?



    Been waiting for the patch for the last couple days and will continue waiting.

    But it might be nice to have the debugging issue sorted before you announce a patch day update, as in the future a lot of people will take days off work etc to play and it might be a bit dramatic.

    Also before you guys add the crappy housing system and all this other stuff that 0.1% of the community use, please increase level cap and a couple more places or instances for gear farming, even if its all going to get wiped thats what people play ARPGs for.

    Either way, enjoying game thus far and can’t wait till upgrade with ice spells and so :D.




    "That is not dead what can eternal lie,
    and with strange aeons even death may die."



    “Also before you guys add the crappy housing system and all this other stuff that 0.1% of the community use”. That’s a little unnecessary don’t you think? I think you’ll find a much larger percentage designing their houses. It adds a nice personal element to the game that I think some will love.

    Hey thanks for the update, especially the ice spells. It’s hard to study the ice comet in detail, but it doesn’t seem like a solid chunk of ice to me. It’s too blue for a start, and doesn’t resemble a huge chunk of ice/rock. It needs a really solid look. Plus there’s no camera shake as it hits. This thing should have a monstrous impact when it drops. Camera shake, a crater, destroyed floor etc. As far as looks, there should be huge chunks of ice of varying sizes flying off in all directions. Maybe that could be a levelled up version of the spell – secondary ice chunks that can stun opponents…




    When will it be on GOG?

    Is there a plan to ensure GOG is updated in line with Steam?



    When will a Mac version be available?



    really nice animations 🙂

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