Technical Beta Phase 1 is a go!


Technical Beta Phase 1 is a go!

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Hello everyone!

Phase 1 of the technical Beta started yesterday evening and will be up until October 25th. This news will give you the steps to follow so you can participate to the P1 T-Beta, we also added a few more content to the previously announced content to make it even nicer.

How to install the Beta

You are now able to access the T-Beta P1 if you follow these steps:

1. Go to your Library and right click on Wolcen: Lords of Mayhem to choose the “Properties” menu.

2. Choose the Beta tab on your menu, and select the Beta branch.

3. There is no code, just close the window. The P1 T-Beta will then automatically download!

If the BETAS submenu doesn’t appear, you may need to restart Steam first!

How to play with your friends

In Tech Beta 1, Matchmaking is not yet integrated so you will have to play with your friends using direct invitation.
Our friend list is independent from Steam’s friend list. We’ve integrated a tag system that will provide you with a Wolcen tag automatically when you log in the game.
You need to add your friends to be able to create a party and join a game together. Click on “Add friends” and provide your friend’s Wolcen tag.

The field is case sensitive so make sure you don’t add a capital letter if there isn’t one 🙂

Once your friends are added in your friend list, you can invite them in your group and join a game together by pressing “Play” when the group is ready. You can have a maximum of 4 players in the same group.

Finally, we’re still working on a chat integration, so you will not be able to communicate with your friends in game.

Important known issue:

Unfortunately, some issues slipped into the technical beta 1 build. You can find a list of the known issues here: [link incoming]

One of those issues will cause your game creation to fail from time to time, displaying the following error “Your game couldn’t be created, please try again later.”. However, you should be able to press the “Play” button again and ask for another game creation until it succeeds and you join the game.


All skills will be available for your character when you enter the game, you just have to go in your skill tree to find them, and drag and drop them on your action bar.

We wanted to add more diversity for the bowmen as well. Therefore, we decided to add another skill for this phase to allow you to enjoy a bit more the bow gameplay.

Phantom Blades(previously Bladeslinger) has been totally revamped.

You already had the opportunity to see it on the Beta gameplay preview, here is what it looks like with some AST customization!


We also added a few uniques, one per archetype, so you will have cool items to crush your foes even more efficiently.


9 gem types will be available for this version and got a revamp. They will change in the future to allow you different elemental combinations.


This phase 1 will be very important to us since it’s the first time that we implement Multiplayer for Wolcen: Lords of Mayhem. Your feedback will allow us to fix major issues and prepare for phase 2. During this phase, we plan to implement more weapons, skills, and enemies, so you can have a new experience while you’re testing the game.
Pistols, daggers, and shields will be back!

We will tell you more in the upcoming weeks about this phase and its content.

Have fun and thank you for your patience!

Useful links :
Wolcen’s Global Roadmap: 2018 Edition
Wolcen’s Bug tracker
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Wolcen’s Official Website
Wolcen’s Official Facebook Page
Wolcen’s Twitter page
Wolcen’s Instagram Page
Wolcen’s Official Discord server
Wolcen’s FAQ

Community websites:
German Fan Site :
French Fan Site : Wolcen France

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    i miss a trade function to share items with friends



    My Wolcen ID is sureshwindrider.0621 . Can some one please add me



    webite is bugged and wont show or let me post my beta review, says it’s a duplicate post but there is no existing post so how can it be duplicate?



    webite is bugged and wont show or let me post my beta review, says it’s a duplicate post but there is no existing post so how can it be duplicate?



    webite is bugged and wont show or let me post my beta review, says it’s a duplicate post but there is no existing post so how can it be duplicate?



    okay now it posts 3 of the same comment with no error report……



    >My Wolcen ID is arntos.6138  if you need afriend 🙂



    I added you @arntos .. Any one else wanna try co-op mode ? Please share your Wolcen Id



    Got to say the tech beta looks good



    ‘Looks’ is all it has… gameplay pretty much sucks.

    All drops are for rogue or sorcerer.

    Cannot generate mana – with *anything*.  Stuck with rage based skills.

    ONE bow skill (which works 30% of the time, misses otherwise).

    FOUR spells – but cannot generate mana.  *ZERO* caster weapon drops (fire staff, et al).  Catalysts drop, but all they do is slow down the umbra>rage transfer which is pointless since mana cannot be generated.

    THREE melee skills – they’re the only things that work reliably.

    Stun = instadeath, recovery period is simply too long.

    Character randomly just… stops and stands there doing nothing.



    Hi everyone, my ID is tubalkain.0628

    Let’s be friends! 🙂



    @blaqwolf  – “Cannot generate mana”
    You do not seem to understand the resource system here.
    Umbra (mana) is converted into rage, AND vice versa, which means 2 things:
    1. to regain Umbra, you just need to spend Rage – use melee skills for this.
    2. if you want to be independent of melee skills (pure caster) then you need to:
    – reduce the conversion delay from rage to umbra
    – increase the conversion ratio from rage to umbra
    – increase your umbra pool
    All of this is available in the starting area of the skill tree (Arcanist), some of it on gear.
    Please read and learn about the game BEFORE complaining.

    Have a nice day.



    I take back my previous comment, I did not know that the passive tree is disabled and that you cannot use melee skills with staves anymore.
    This is rather problematic and does inhibit a pure mage playstyle.



    For Folks , who are complaining . The Tech Beta Phase 1 is to test only MP related issues and to check their Server Stability in MP mode .

    That being said ,I do not see any one playing in a co-op mode . Also They have disabled the Passive Tree which means we cannot possibly have a pure Mage Build in Phase 1 .

    Hope the Phase 2 will be more dynamic and bring back all the elements and features from Alpha and hopefully Phase 2 will resolve the Umbra related issues .

    The Bugs so far ,

    1.  Some loot chests cannot be open

    2. The character sometimes does nothing and simply stands there .

    3.The Melee combat system for a Single hand sword seems very slow to me . The combat did not even feel like dynamic . The mele combat was overall clunky .

    4. While using Bow and arrow ,The character sometimes turn back and shoot where there are no enemies  even though the mouse pointer was pointing in the opposite direction .

    5. Combat in General felt clunky to me in Beta Phase 1  , The Alpha felt much better to me




    j’ai noté concernant l’archer et le skill “Stings of Krearion” qu’il est à mes yeux beaucoup trop lent à tirer. En effet il est certes puissant mais ces DPS sont finalement limités par le fait qu’il tire lentement par rapport à l’attaque de base.

    De plus, et c’est là le point noir du skill pour moi, les flèches ne suivent pas le dénivelé du terrain par rapport à tous les autres skills ou attaques de base.  Ainsi régulièrement, je tire aux pieds du mob qui est à 10 mètres de moi sans jamais l’atteindre. Quand cela arrive c’est hyper frustrant.

    Un futur skill sur des flèches explosives ou à fragmentation serait le bienvenu aussi 🙂

    En ce qui concerne les bruitages pour le moment je les trouve très réussis même si ce serait pas mal d’entendre le personnage parler après une bonne tuerie de masse (à la manière de D3 mais en plus réussi).

    Je suis un peu déçu aussi du fait qu’un gant gauche peut aller sur une main droite et vice versa, ce n’est pas logique et cela réduit la phase de farming pour moi.

    Je joue de mémoire en résolution 1900*1280 et la barre de sorts/vie en bas est beaucoup trop petite à mon goût.

    J’aimerais aussi avoir une classe du style trappeur/saboteur permettant de balancer de bonnes petites grenades ou ce genre de chose mais peut être est en cours de préparation déjà 😉

    Enfin, 2 fois sur 3 je dirais le jeu ne se lance pas pour moi après l’écran de chargement j’obtiens un black screen et je suis obligé de passer par le gestionnaire windows pour fermer Wolcen. Je n’ai jamais eu la fenêtre de reporting de bugs.

    On a aussi vite fait le tour de la TB1…en espérant que la TB2 arrive rapidement après le 25/10 et qu’il y ai plus de contenu.

    Voilà pour le moment ce qui me vient à l’esprit et désolé pour les non francophones.






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