Technical Beta Phase 1 is ending


Technical Beta Phase 1 is ending

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Hello everyone!

The first phase of the Technical Beta will be closed today at 3PM CET.

We want to thank you all for participating, thanks to you we gathered a lot of feedback, bugs and crash files and this is going to help a lot!

More content will be added for Phase 2 and we’ll tell you more about this very soon.

The Alpha will still be available as long as the Beta transition is not complete.

Once again, thank you very much for participating in Phase 1.

New videos are in the pipes to show you more of Wolcen’s renewed content, don’t hesitate to watch them on our Youtube Channel!

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    So is steam supposed to do a large download to roll me back to Alpha? Are we supposed to redownload beta when phase 2 is coming out?





    thank you for creating a game the public has been waiting for. I want to let everyone know who works on this game that an entire community is awaiting for you to perfect this game with all this customization. Blizzard has shit on the Diablo community and PoE….well its just PoE.

    My community/Team has been playing Diablo 3 since it came out and with the recent news, we are looking for another game. We and I am assuming a lot of others have just bought your game and hopefully with our funds are able to expedite this game. We are impressed and will continue to help promote this game.

    Again, thank you! Make this game how you have been advertising it and it will be a Diablo killer.



    Greetings folks,

    we all want to get a nice game here and I think the current product looks very promising.

    We all know, that it takes long to produce a nice game and that it can be difficult to deal with the expectations of the community.

    Please do not make the same mistake like Blizzard and keep people more informed. A post from day to day would help to know, that you are listening to your community and working hard =)

    Looking forward for Technical Beta Phase 2.


    Mattias Magnusson

    How do i get in the beta? i know phase 1 is over but i would love to try phase 2 when available 🙂 im enjoying the Alpha but o would love to try the beta 😀



    “The first phase of the Technical Beta ended on October 25th. No ETA on Phase 2 yet.” – this was posted today on the official discord server.

    Discord is probably the best way to stay up to date.





    The game is looking quite good, but do not relent. Blizzard just handed you and all other devs out there the ARPG genre on a silver platter. Do not waste any time in scooping up all of the players who are running through the streets looking for a new game to call home. Now, is your time to release countless updates to hook and hold onto the audience.

    Many Diablo fans are rooting for you, but remember us players are fickle ones. Your window of opportunity will only stay open for so long so get something out there before Blizzard is able to scramble together some hodge-podge trailer for Diablo 4 that could end up taking the wind out of your sails.

    I wish you Devs the best of luck in the universe.

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