Technical Beta: Phase 2 has ended


Technical Beta: Phase 2 has ended

Hello everyone!

As of December 13th, the Technical Beta is no longer available on Steam.

We are now working on bug fixes, server stability issues, and the last implementations necessary for the Gameplay Beta transition, including the Passive Skill Tree.

Many thanks to all members of our community who helped us during that Technical Beta, your participation and your feedback were very helpful to us 🙂

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    Dear Wolcen team,

    thank you again for extending the T2 and for the updates during that time. Good job guys!

    Is it possible to get regular updates on the status of your work towards the beta transition?

    There are a lot of unpatient people out there (including myself) who would like to get regular updates on the offical Wolcen website (not only on discord server and steam).

    Looking foward for the beta!



    milko dishliev

    Good job , keep going xD



    Hello and thank you for putting this out there, extending the deadline and adding a new monster along the way.

    As others have stated, I would love to read updates as you move towards beta, even if they are small tweets here and there. Communication is a massive boon to game studios these days and can often separate a tight-knit, active community awaiting a game and a community that has written the game off as vaporware.

    Keep up the good work and let’s see some updates to that Trello roadmap!


    Wolcen Content Creator

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