Update 0.3.0 : New Passive Skills Tree, Housing, Dashing and much more !


Update 0.3.0 : New Passive Skills Tree, Housing, Dashing and much more !

Hi everyone!

After a period of experimental testing we are happy to finally deploy version 0.3.0 to everyone !
It brings the long-awaited passive skills tree, the housing system, dashing, 14 new rooms for the randomly generated dungeons as well as many reworked room, a lot of gameplay improvements and bug fixes.

Many of you already saw the presentation of the passive skill tree, but for those who missed it, here it is:

Melee-dashing is here! You can toggle it via the button near your health globe, or by pressing the F key. And it is of course possible to improve it with passive skills.

You can now build your own house! After completing the ‘stalkers’ quest, you’ll be able to talk to the House Master and let your imagination do the rest! (As long as you can afford it, of course)


We can’t wait to see what you’ll do with this system, please share your house!

There are 14 new rooms for you to explore in the dungeons, and the 3 cave architectures have been hugely improved. We reworked them to get a better read on the path to follow. We plan to have a minimap too 😉

And now it’s time for the huge changelog, ready your mouse wheel !

* New: New Passive Skills Tree
* New: Automatic Dash Attacks with all melee weapons that can be toggled On/Off
* New: Options in the Game Settings for Auto-Equipping Armors, Skills and Potions when you have unused emplacements.
* Modified: Utility level for active skills has been removed from the game until the entire system is redesigned (soon!).
* Modified : Heal Shaman, Blessing Shaman and Ghoul have been removed until they are redesigned.
* Modified: Skills now level up automatically (without any user interaction) when their xp bar is filled. The skill level up notification will still appear on the right of your screen.
* Modified: Player level is now capped to 20, in order to begin a true balancing pass of the whole game.
* Modified: Attributes Damage are deactivated for now, we will reintegrate them soon.
* Fixed: XP gained after
* Fixed: Stats of purchased ring and amulets were different from the ones at the merchant
* Fixed: All items were level 0 at the merchant
* Fixed: Several crashes
* Fixed: Incorrect playtime (now displayed in minutes) & kill count in player save file
* Fixed: Exit to desktop now save correctly the settings
* Fixed: It was not possible to pick up twice the same Potion
* Fixed: Housing save wasn’t delete when deleting a character
* Fixed: Globes weren’t properly looting with crossbows

* New: Housing !
You can access the housing by talking to the house master in Amarth (near the bridge and the water mill), after the quest “stalkers”.
Info: For optimization purpose, the windows only cast shadows in very high

* Improved: 14 new rooms for randomly generated level
* Improved: Some room optimization
Various fixes and improvements
* Improved: Global quality overall of caves generated dungeons
* Improved: The key in the dungeons is now more reachable
* Fixed: Some trees weren’t correctly casting shadows
* Fixed: Some chests were not looting in dungeons

* Improved: Ghoul animations.
* Improved: Female Character.
* Improved: Skeleton Giant animation.
* Improved: Male Character.
* New: Orc Mage.
* Fixed : Player were sometimes stuck with basic attack or Dual wielding

* Fixed: Special enemies (blue) spawn with ⅓ of their life.

* New: The Character Sheet is partially hidden, since it’s being totally reworked
* Fixed: Items were piling on top of each other when looted from Chests or removed from inventory
* Fixed: Charges for Potions in Belt
* Improved: hitbox of switch menu

* New: Sounds for the new PST
* Improved: Amarth various tweaks
* Fixed: Ambience volume is now saved

* New: text_ui_passiveskills.xml, new file containing all the Names, Descriptions and Lore of the new skills and sections. Most of the Lore sentences are currently missing in the file, we will add them in the future.
* New: We use formatting in our string (if you see %1, %2 or %3, please keep their position in mind when translating).
* Modified: since all magic effects (for loot too) are now described in this new file, several strings aren’t used anymore or are deprecated. A global enhancement of the file organisation will come soon, and we will sort strings into more files, grouping active effects, active skills etc. It should be easier to spot and correct Localization mistakes in the future, and easier for our community to translate. During the transition, you may have to translate deprecated or overlapping strings and we apologize for that.
* New: text_ui_housing.xml

* Modified : New XP requirement curve. Getting to level 20 should new be easier.
* Modified : Changed Player Health.
* Modified : Decreased default Health Regeneration.
* New: More Damage types ! Sacred Damage and Shadow Damage will be very important for some Sections of the 3rd and 4th ring, whereas Umbral Damage, Bleeding Damage and Poison Damage has been fixed and given consistency.
* New: A Thorn effect, that depends on your Character and not on the incoming damage (different from Return Damage).
* New: Umbra Potion (instant Umbra gain).
* New: Equippable Poisons. When used, set your next attack (melee or ranged) to automatically poison your enemy.
* New : Global difficulty curve modifier that applies on top of individual monster health and damage, to account for the player’s rise in power.
* New : Two-handed dual wield combo, with an alternative third attack.
* Modified: You now gain 2 Passive Skill Points per level instead of 1, in order to let you test different configurations of the Passive Tree.
* Modified: Open Wounds and Burning effects now stack on enemies instead of being replaced with the max values.
* Modified: The way Return Damage works.
* Modified: You now have 2 Potions slots since it’s currently impossible to unlock them when progressing.
* Modified: Permanent chance to Shock enemies with all Lightning attacks, to Freeze them with all Frost attacks and to Burn them with all Fire attacks.
* Modified: Whole new Armor formula, based on both Armor points and Armor Efficiency.
* New: Armor efficiency parameter. Total armor efficiency dictates how many percent of damage is being reduced in your total armor range. Efficiency is clamped to 90 by default.
* Modified: Effects of several Globes and Potions.
* Modified: Loot tables have been redone from scratch. Loot (including tomes) will now start to drop depending on the player’s level.
* Modified : Weapons damage values and armor values have been set depending on the level they start to drop at. In a future update we mean to separate required level from the item’s level.
* Modified : Monster damage and health values have been adjusted to better reflect the changes made to weapon damages.
* Modified : Accessories like amulets, rings and belts will always drop with magical properties.
* Modified: Drop chance of Legendary, Rare and Magical items.
* Modified: Removed penalties from armor types until we have light and medium armors.
* Modified: Combo attack animations have been rescaled to allow for proper attack speeds on weapons (exemple: Hammers are now slower than daggers)
* Modified: Potions are now lootable.
* Modified: Bigger Picking Area for Dungeons keys.
* Modified: Removed the default damage bonus on handed attacks (it’s available as a passive skill now) and slightly decreased the damage penalty on dual-wield attacks.
* Modified : Cleave factor is clamped to a Maximum value.
* Modified : Drastically reduced amount of xp required to get from lvl 1 to lvl 20.
* Modified : Amount of xp given by monsters.
* Modified : Increased Health given by Constitution to 20 HP.
* Modified : Reduced chance to stun enemies with melee attacks.
* Modified : Potions can now be used anytime, even when casting Skills or being blown away. The only exceptions are Stun and Free effects, since they strictly forbid you to act.
* Modified : Decreased the price of Ammo Skill Books at the merchant
* Modified : Invoked monsters during the intro will not spawn with a boss rank anymore.
* Modified : Tweaked charging time of Charged attacks.
Two-handed hammer charged attack can reach greater maximum damage but at the cost of a longer charging time.
Dual wield charged attack can be charged almost instantly for lower maximum damage (only one charge level).
Two handed sword charged attack is a mix of the two and requires more finesse. It can be charged quickly but has three charge levels. You will need to time your release to ensure maximum output.
* Fixed: Temporary Magic Effects are properly removed when you die.
* Fixed: Expulse Blow behaviour.
* Fixed: Bleeding Resistance for Driller and skeletons warriors.
* Fixed: The player will now stop when interacting with NPCs.
* Fixed: Crossbow firing in the wrong direction.
* Fixed: Bloodbath Spell now deals Bleeding damage (and thus doesn’t affect skeletons). It should no longer crash on Bleeding-Resistant foes.
* Fixed: Attack Speed calculation with Shields.
* Fixed: A bug with charged attacks where you could spam right click to refill your Umbra without casting the Skills all the way.

* Improved: balance damages, costs, and count downs

Yeah that’s right, Passive Skills have their own category now. We’ve reworked everything and planned a LOT of new features, so here’s a list of the skills that are already working as planned. If you see grey skills in the tree that don’t have effects, that means they aren’t implemented yet.

New Section, Arcanist (1st ring)

* New Skill, Spellcaster: Reduces the Umbra cost of all spells
* New Skill, Umbra regeneration: Increases the Rage loss
* New Skill, Composure: Reduces the cooldown of all spells
* New Skill, Mystical shield: Gives a physical resistance when Umbra is at maximum
* New Skill, Chain cast: Increases the casting speed of spells
* New Skill, Mystical forces: Increases all non-elemental damage
* New Skill, Umbra pool extended: Increases the Umbra gained per Power point
* New Skill, Lethal magic: Increases the Spell Damage bonus given by your Power level
* New Skill, Critical cast: Grants you a spell critical chance bonus depending on your current Umbra level (higher Umbra = higher bonus)
* New Skill, Umbra recovery: Cancels the Time Before Rage Loss if your Umbra is empty
* New Skill, Quick rest: Increases your Rage loss if you’re not in a fight
* New Skill, Globes magnet: Increases the picking radius of globes depending on your current Health level (lower Health = higher bonus)
* New Skill, Health globe understanding: Health globes refill health potions
* New Skill, Magical globe understanding: Picking globes of any type slashes your current spells cooldowns
* New Skill, Rage globe understanding: Picking a Rage globe increases your move speed
* New Skill, Umbra globe understanding: Picking an Umbra globe increases your spell-casting speed
* New Skill, Battlemage: Your Strength increases the damage of your spells
* New Skill, Power boost: Generate stacks that increase your Power on each kill
* New Skill, Extended power boost: Increases the maximum number of power stacks you can have
* New Skill, Longer power boost: Increases the duration of power stacks
* New Skill, Umbra globe catalyst: Picking an Umbra globe increases your Power
* New Skill, Rage globe catalyst: Picking a Rage globe increases your Strength
* New Skill, Magical affinity: Increases your Rage loss depending on your Umbra level (lower Umbra = higher Rage loss)
* New Skill, Battle-ready: Increases the damage of your spells depending on your Umbra level (higher Umbra = higher bonus)

New Section: Legionary (1st ring)

* New Skill, Fighter: Reduces the Rage cost of all spells
* New Skill, Rage generation: Increases the amount of rage generated on melee strikes
* New Skill, Enraged: Gives a Strength bonus depending on the current Rage level (higher Rage = higher bonus)
* New Skill, Change of mind: Gives a Strength bonus when switching targets
* New Skill, Confrontation: Reduces damage coming from the front
* New Skill, Unfair fight: Increases Strength for each enemy around the Player
* New Skill, Wrath: When reaching the maximum level of Rage, locks the Rage loss and gives a Damage bonus for a few seconds.
* New Skill, Fury: Increases your Rage Conservation
* New Skill, Temper: Greatly increases the melee Rage generation when your Rage is empty
* New Skill, Forcing the luck: Increases the drop chance of Health globes if low-life
* New Skill, Healing strike: Increases the health regeneration on each hit if low-life
* New Skill, Time Warp: Increases the Combo Timer with all Skills
* New Skill, Hard Punch: Chance to Knock-down Stunned enemies
* New Skill, Anger Burst: Increases the Damage of your Dash attack each time you spend Rage
* New Skill, Rush: Increases the Range and Speed of your Dash attack
* New Skill, Outbreak: Your Dash attack can now generate Rage on hits
* New Skill, Impact: Increases the Damage of your Dash attack

New Section: Thief (1st ring)

* New Skill, Runner: Increases move speed
* New Skill, Acrobatics: Increases dodge chance when moving
* New Skill, Stamina recovery: Increases Stamina regeneration when Stamina is empty
* New Skill, No rest: Increases Stamina regeneration when moving
* New Skill, Evasion: Increases move speed for each enemy around the Player
* New Skill, Weakness exploit: Increased dodge chance for each enemy around the Player that isn’t full-life
* New Skill, Exhilarating strike: Increases your move speed each time you hit an enemy
* New Skill, Quickness: Increases Attack speed depending on Move speed
* New Skill, Vigor: Chance to instantly regenerate a Stamina point on each kill
* New Skill, Extinguisher: Chance to clear a Burn effect when performing a dodge-roll
* New Skill, Rejuvenation orb: Chance to instantly regenerate a Stamina point when picking up a globe
* New Skill, Stamina increased: Gives 1 extra Stamina point
* New Skill, Urgent withdrawal: Chance to perform a free dodge-roll if low-life
* New Skill, Resumption: New alternative (and quicker) animation for getting back on your feet after a Knock-down
* New Skill, Vigorous strikes: Gives a damage bonus depending on your Stamina level (higher Stamina: higher bonus)
* New Skill, Critical opening: Increases critical chances after a dodge-roll
* New Skill, Untouchable: Stacks Health Regeneration every second
* New Skill, Vulnerable opening: Increases critical damage after a dodge-roll
* New Skill, Vitality: Dexterity bonus depending on the current Health level (higher health = higher bonus)
* New Skill, Invincible: Increases the invulnerability time of the dodge-roll
* New Skill, Spectral dodge: Allows to go through enemies with the dodge-roll

New Section: Hunter (1st ring)

* New Skill, Shooter: Increases Ranged Damage
* New Skill, Quick Aim: Increases Attack Speed with Ranged Weapons
* New Skill, Crossbow mastery: Give you Attack Speed Bonus on each 8th shot with a Crossbow
* New Skill, Precise shot: gives “Precision” stacks (Crit Chance) each second when you’re not moving and wield a Ranged weapon
* New Skill, Meticulous killer: gives “Lethal” stacks each time you shoot on the same enemy
* New Skill, Incapacitating shots: Ranged shots may slow enemies down
* New Skill, Aggravated shots: Critical shots may cause Open Wounds
* New Skill, Vulnerability: Chance to immobilize enemies on each strike depending on their health (lower Health = higher Chance)
* New Skill, Crippled: Increases Crit Chance against immobilized enemies
* New Skill, Steady Aim: Increases Dexterity when not moving
* New Skill, Light armor mastery: Dexterity bonus if in full Light armor
* New Skill, Cold blooded: You keep all your “Lethal” stacks when your target dies
* New Skill, Evasion trap: Leaves a slowing trap on the floor when dodge-rolling
* New Skill, Weakening poison: Chance to immobilize when Poisoning

New Section: Guardian (1st ring)

* New Skill, Heavy armor mastery: Armor bonus, even more if you’re wearing a full Heavy armor
* New Skill, Inner shield: Part of Max Health added to Armor
* New Skill, Adrenaline: Increases armor when your health is low
* New Skill, Inertia: Strength bonus depending on your total Armor
* New Skill, Mirror shield: small Return Damage when blocking attacks with a Shield
* New Skill, Guard point: Prevent incoming damage shortly when you raise your Shield
* New Skill, Shield of anger: Armor bonus depending on your current Rage level (higher Rage = higher bonus)
* New Skill, Parry: Increases the protection angle of your shield
* New Skill, Resilience: Armor bonus from unused Stamina
* New Skill, Guard proficiency: You can block Knock-back and Knock-down effects with your Shield
* New Skill, Resolute stance: You generate Rage when hit
* New Skill, Miracle: Allows you to avoid Death and keep 1 PV
* New Skill, Guard mastery: You can return Knock-down effects to the attacker shortly when raising your shield
* New Skill, Shards: Increases your Thorns Damage on each strike
* New Skill, Metallic Aura: Increases your Thorns Damage for each enemy surrounding you
* New Skill, Thorn: Gives you a permanent Thorns Damage
* New Skill, Challenge: Increases Damage taken from the last hit enemy but decreases Damage taken from other enemies

New Section: Assassin (2nd ring right now, will be 3rd ring)

* New Skill, Practical weapons: Increases Crit Chance with Assassin Weapons
* New Skill, Dual Daggers Mastery: Increases Open Wound Chance with dual daggers
* New Skill, Enhanced toxin usage: Equipped Poisons refill faster
* New Skill, Physiological assault: Enemies suffer more Poison Damage when attacking
* New Skill, Chained executions: Reduces Spell costs shortly after a kill
* New Skill, Sneak strike: Increases Attack Speed when backstabbing
* New Skill, Deadlier poison: Increases Poison Damage
* New Skill, Venom: Poisoning enemies reduces their resistances
* New Skill, Mercyless: Increases crit chance against poisoned enemies
* New Skill, Momentum absorption: Increases dodge chance and crit damage when you are hit
* New Skill, Momentum transformation: Increases the efficiency of Momentum Absorption
* New Skill, Vein cutter: Increases Bleeding Damage
* New Skill, Counter-attack: strikes back when dodging
* New Skill, Frantic: Increases the Damage Rate of your Open Wounds depending on your Attack Speed
* New Skill, Brawl starter: Reduces enemies max health on first strike (Melee)
* New Skill, Backstab: Increases Crit Chance in the back of enemies (Melee)
* New Skill, First strike: Increases Critical Damage against full-health enemies
* New Skill, Blood lust: Increases Attack Speed and Critical Damage after a kill
* New Skill, Diversion: Increases Crit Chance against stunned enemies
* New Skill, Assassination: Increases Crit Chance against isolated enemies
* New Skill, Invisible executor: 100% Crit Chance against full-life unalerted enemies
* New Skill, Bloodshed: Striking Bleeding enemies will make them Bleed faster
* New Skill, Confusion serum: Chance to cause Frenzy with Poison
* New Skill, Blood thinner: Increases Poison Damage on Bleeding enemies
* New Skill, Serial skiller: Decreases active cooldowns on each kill
* New Skill, Path to darkness: Massive Attributes change
* New Skill, Unexpected trouble: Increases Critical Damage against unalerted enemies
* New Skill, Silent death: Chance to kill instantly when backstabbing
* New Skill, Treachery: Chance to cause Open Wounds on back-stabs
* New Skill, Severing: Chance to cause Open Wounds when Dodge-rolling
* New Skill, Surgeon: Chance to cause Open Wounds on Critical Melee attacks
* New Skill, Bloodthirst: Your Open Wounds can deal critical Damage
* New Skill, Critical Dash: Critical Chance and Damage bonus for the Dash attack
* New Skill, Heavy Load: the Dash attack may hit several enemies
* New Skill, Sequencing: Killing an enemy will reset your Dash cooldown and increase your Dash critical chance for a short period of time

New Section: Warden (2nd ring)

* New Skill, Elemental affinity: Increases elemental resistances
* New Skill, Stone skin: Increases max health and prevent a small amount of all incoming Damage
* New Skill, Elemental absorption: Increases your Resistance to an element when being hit by that element
* New Skill, Recuperation: Increases Health Regen when your Rage is empty
* New Skill, Immune System: Reduces the Duration of received DoT
* New Skill, Blessing alchemy: Chance to clear a random DoT when drinking a Potion
* New Skill, Natural healing: Increases Health regen depending on your Health level (lower Health = higher bonus)
* New Skill, Benediction: Attributes bonus when Health full
* New Skill, Rooted: Replaces the Dodge-roll with a Protection Form
* New Skill, Iron health: Armor bonus when Health full
* New Skill, Instant blessing: Heals part of Max Health when using the Protection Form
* New Skill, Umbral constitution: Umbra generation bonus when Health full
* New Skill, Offensive protection: Physical Damage bonus from Constitution in Protection Form
* New Skill, Endurance: Stamina Regen bonus when Health full
* New Skill, Healing stamina: health regen bonus for each unused Stamina point
* New Skill, Experimental alchemy: Grants you a Resistance when drinking a potion
* New Skill, Muscularity: Strength bonus from Constitution
* New Skill, Elemental regeneration: Heals you from the “resisted” part of an elemental damage
* New Skill, Chosen: All Resistances increased
* New Skill, Champion: All attributes bonus
* New Skill, Biological defense: Chance to clear a random DoT each second
* New Skill, Life ingestion: health potions grant a health regen bonus instead of healing
* New Skill, Static defense: Increases Const and Armor but reduces Dodge Chance
* New Skill, Physical preparation: Strength bonus when Health full
* New Skill, Chainbreaker: Break Stun when using the Protection Form
* New Skill, Path to preservation: Massive Attributes change
* New Skill, Elemental embrace: Massive Resistance change
* New Skill, Unmovable: Spell Resistance if health full
* New Skill, Protection extended: Increases the invulnerability window of the Protection Form

New Section: Gladiator (2nd ring)

* New Skill, Heavy strike: Critical Damage bonus
* New Skill, Prediction: faster Channeling Time
* New Skill, Trained eye: Armor piercing bonus
* New Skill, Expert: Dexterity bonus for each enemy surrounding you
* New Skill, Titan strength: Allows to wield 2 two-handed weapons at the same time
* New Skill, Tough head: Reduces the duration of taken Stun effects
* New Skill, Medium armor mastery: Strength bonus when wearing a full medium Armor
* New Skill, Retaliation: Crit Chance bonus when being hit
* New Skill, First aid: Bleeding Resistance
* New Skill, Healing knowledge: Increases the efficiency of Healing potions
* New Skill, Tough: Physical Resistance bonus
* New Skill, Weaponized dance: Attack Speed bonus in Dual Wield
* New Skill, Anticipation: Dodge successful after a kill
* New Skill, Commotion: Longer Stun effects inflicted
* New Skill, Butchery: Crit Chance bonus against Bleeding enemies
* New Skill, Brutality: Physical Damage bonus
* New Skill, Wide reach: Increases Cleave factor for each target successively hit by the same Cleave
* New Skill, All against one: Cleave Factor bonus
* New Skill, Path to glory: Massive Attributes change
* New Skill, Killing chain: Strength and Dexterity stack for each kill. Red sparks will give a visual clue of your current killing chain level.
* New Skill, Killing chain mastery: increases duration of killing chains
* New Skill, Killing chain extended: increases max stacks number of killing chains
* New Skill, Renowned Target: Dexterity and Strength bonus the more enemies target you
* New Skill, Battleaxe Mastery: Cleave Factor bonus on each strike
* New Skill, Greatsword Mastery: Cleave Angle bonus on each strike
* New Skill, Warhammer Mastery: Physical impulse chance bonus on each strike
* New Skill, Sword And Shield Mastery: Shield angle bonus on each strike
* New Skill, One-Handed Mastery: Damage bonus with One-handed weapons
* New Skill, Dual Wield Mastery: Damage factor bonus
* New Skill, Sturdy Warrior Weaponry: Increases Melee Damage but decreases Ranged Damage
* New Skill, Swift Warrior Weaponry: Increases Melee Attack Speed but decreases Ranged Attack Speed
* New Skill, Crossed Strikes: Damage reduction against enemies that you just hit
* New Skill, Deep Wounds: Open Wounds Chance on all melee attacks
* New Skill, Healing Dash: Instantly heals a part of your Health when launching the Dash attack

New Section: Elementalist (2nd ring)

* New Skill, Ardent: Fire over-time AoE (stackable) when launching Fire spells
* New Skill, Fire embrace: Ardent stacks increases Fire attacks efficiency
* New Skill, Overheating: Reaching the max Ardent stacks will trigger a Fire Nova and reset your stacks
* New Skill, Enraging flames: Chance to cause Frenzy on Burning DoT
* New Skill, Elemental reversion: Elemental Damage bonus (single element) when hit by an element
* New Skill, Path to destruction: Massive Attributes change
* New Skill, Elemental boost: stacks Elemental Damage each second (reset when doing a non-elemental Damage)
* New Skill, Status Alteration: Damage increased against Frozen, Burning or Stunned enemies
* New Skill, Conductivity: Propagated Lightnings bonus (Damage and Chance)
* New Skill, High Voltage: Shocking Chance bonus
* New Skill, Umbra Reshaping: Change Non-Elemental Damage types to Elemental
* New Skill, Master of elements: Greatly increases elemental Damage but other Damage types are reduced to 1
* New Skill, Lightning Strike: Shock Damage bonus
* New Skill, Thunder: Shock Area Size bonus
* New Skill, Static Discharge: Chance to cast a Lightning Nova when killing enemies with Lightnings
* New Skill, Recharging: Umbra generation bonus when taking Lightning Damage
* New Skill, Unstable Orbs: Casts Elemental Nova when picking up a Globe
* New Skill, Inflammable: Longer Burning effects
* New Skill, Focused energy: Lightnings can cause Burning effects
* New Skill, Wounded Flesh: Burning effects block the Health Regeneration of enemies
* New Skill, Pyromancer: Fire Propagation Chance
* New Skill, Primary Energy: Elemental Damage and DoT duration bonus
* New Skill, Energy Conservation: Increased Globes drop Chance when using elemental attacks
* New Skill, Powerful Magic: Elemental DoT can be Critical
* New Skill, Icefall: Chance to cast a Frost nova when killing a frozen enemy
* New Skill, Hardened ice: Armor bonus when Frozen
* New Skill, Icebreaker: Chance to instantly kill frozen enemies
* New Skill, Frostbite: Your Weapon gain Frost Damage when hitting a frozen enemy
* New Skill, Cold Hands: Freeze duration bonus
* New Skill, Absolute Zero: Critical Chance and Freeze Chance bonus with Frost attacks
* New Skill, Lightning Storm: Hitting the same area several times with lightning attacks will breed a Lightning storm that can shock enemies inside. Stackable with other Storm types.
* New Skill, Snow Storm: Same as Lightning Storm but with Frost attacks. Snares enemies in the zone.
* New Skill, Fire Storm: Same as Lightning Storm but with Frost attacks. Burn enemies in the zone.
* New Skill, Extended Storms: Increases the duration of Storm zones.
* New Skill, Destructive Storms: Gives Elemental Damage stack when you are in Storm zones, depending on the Storm combined elements and stacks.
* New Skill, Protective Storms: Gives Elemental Resistance stack when you are in Storm zones, depending on the Storm combined elements and stacks.
* New Skill, Cataclysm: Destructive and Protective Storms work even if you’re not in a Storm zone

New Section: Trickster (2nd ring)

* New Skill, Evasion extended: Dodge Chance bonus
* New Skill, Perfect dodge: Attributes bonus when dodging
* New Skill, Artery slicing: Chance to slow enemies down with Open wounds
* New Skill, Counter-shot: Attack Speed bonus with ranged weapons when you are hit
* New Skill, Ranged mastery: Attack Speed and Damage bonus with Ranged weapons
* New Skill, Extended dodge-roll: longer Dodge-roll
* New Skill, Critical roll: Next hit critical after a Dodge-roll
* New Skill, Thrilled: Attack Speed bonus for each enemy surrounding you
* New Skill, Rough trick: Physical Damage bonus after a Dash
* New Skill, Offensive mobility: Free Dash after a Dodge-roll
* New Skill, Umbral ammunition: Adds Umbral Damage to all shots
* New Skill, Lethal strikes: Physical Damage bonus each second
* New Skill, Lethal strikes extended: Greater bonus and max stacks number for Lethal Strikes
* New Skill, Close hunt: Critical Damage bonus for each enemy surrounding you
* New Skill, Stamina increased: same effect as in the Thief section
* New Skill, Path to betrayal: Massive Attributes change
* New Skill, Momentum: Physical Damage and Attack Speed bonus when moving and shortly after stopping
* New Skill, Momentum extended: Momentum duration bonus
* New Skill, Charge: Attack Speed bonus after a Dash
* New Skill, Defensive roll: Dodge Chance bonus for each used Stamina point
* New Skill, Offensive roll: Critical Chance bonus for each used Stamina point
* New Skill, Concussion Shots: Chance to Stun close enemies with ranged weapons
* New Skill, Barrage: Chance to Knock-back close enemies with ranged weapons
* New Skill, Heat-seeking Ammunition: Chance for shots to bounce between enemies
* New Skill, Kinetic Onslaught: Chance to knock-down surrounding enemies when dodge-rolling
* New Skill, Concussive Dash: Critical Damage and Damage bonus for the Dash attack
* New Skill, Debilitating Charge: Snares enemies with the Dash attack
* New Skill, Unstoppable: Cooldown reduction for the Dash attack

Known issues
Housing: Suppression mode not highlighting/deleting the object under the mouse
Housing: Shopping list not cleared

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