Update 0.3.1 : Halloween Update !


Update 0.3.1 : Halloween Update !

Hi everyone !

After the release of patch 0.3.0 last week, which added a host of new features like the passive skill tree and housing, the team decided to follow up with patch 0.3.1 this week.
We listened to the community’s feedback and made some changes to the passive skills tree, and added new skills too.

Brutal Strike makes a return in a completely new form, and players will be able to spin around thanks to the new Whirlwind spell.

We also made big improvements to player navigation. Players should not fall into the ground or fly in the air anymore, and can now go through destroyed objects and debris without any issues.

New housing assets are available as well.

And of course, you can expect the usual bug fixes and various balance changes.

Finally, there is a chance you could encounter some orange-headed enemies in the randomly regenerated dungeons…

Here is the complete changelog, have fun and happy halloween !

* Modified: You now gain 3 Passive Points each Level instead of 2!
* Modified: Since the PST has been modified, we were forced to reset your progression in it.
* Fixed: The player was sometimes flying in the air when colliding with physical objects.
* Improved: View distance of objects
* Improved: Fog performance
* Fixed: Missing physics on Mountains.

* New: Option to disable the ambient light around the player (activated by default).
* Modified: The White part of the ROS (indicating current consumptions) is back.
* Modified : Old blood decals have been removed from enemies.
* Fixed: The Reserved Resource feature in the ROS was malfunctioning on the Rage side.
* Fixed: Particle profiler displaying when too much particles on screen.
* Improved: Small reflection on Health globes

* New: 5 torture cages
* New: 2 basic chairs
* New: 2 majestic templar thrones
* New: Dishes for the tables
* New: 5 blood decals
German localization updated thanks to CoTTo and the german community
Spanish localization updated thanks to Idtime
Hungarian localization updated thanks to lostprophet (still some letters to fix on our side)
Korean localization updated thanks to Tacihon
Russian localization updated thanks to RandomXXXX
Chinese localization updated thanks to ngacnlcq
A big thanks to our community for the amazing work they are doing!
* New : Monsters are now Localized.
* Modified : Game Strings are now organized in more files.
* Modified : All variables suffixes like “s” for seconds or “m” for meters were removed from the PST loc file. They are now computed in the code so it’s simpler for you.
* Known issue : some white squares in the PST Loc corresponding to the missing ° symbol (for skills angles). We’ll fix the font in the future.
* New : Movement speed affix for boots.
* Modified: Attacks no longer always unfreeze Frozen enemies. Physical attacks have a small chance to unfreeze, and Fire attacks have a higher chance. Burning DoT always unfreeze enemies.
* Modified : Increased chance to drop accessories.
* Modified : Decreased Torch default base damage
* Modified : Changed default Torch burning effect to bonus fire damage
* Modified : The Rage Conservation timer now triggers only when gaining Rage through Melee attacks. It doesn’t trigger anymore when spending Umbra or generating Rage through Spells.
* Modified : Constitution pts affix now only rolls on shields
* Modified : Various affix values.
* Modified : Increase Health Points given per Constitution point
* Modified : Decreased default health regeneration
* Modified : Slightly raised Tomes drop chance
* Modified : Balanced drop chance of Ground Stomp tome
* Modified : Balanced drop chance of War Cry tome
* Modified : Balanced drop chance of Absorbtion Shield tome
* Modified : Balanced drop chance of Fire Ammo tome
* Modified : Balanced drop chance of Bloodbath tome
* Modified : Balanced drop chance of Force Shield tome
* Modified : Balanced drop chance of Explosive Trail tome
* Modified : Balanced drop chance of Dividing Flames tome
* Modified : Balanced drop chance of Rain of Fire tome
* Modified : Balanced drop chance of Expulse Blow tome
* Fixed: Auto-equipping Rings will now properly consider both your already equipped rings.
* Fixed: Auto-equipping Armors when using skills will now put it in your inventory.
* Fixed: Crashes when using Poison Ammo and Frozen Ammo skills.
* Fixed : Enraged zombies damage
* New: Brutal Strike skill has been entirely redesigned with a new animation. The skill now triggers an explosion each strike
* New : Whirlwind spell.
* New : Completely redone Brutal Strike spell.
* Modified: Increased cooldown on MultiSlash
* Modified: Ground Stomp Stun chance increased
* Modified : Ground Stomp increased Rage Generation
* New : 11 new Passive skills !
* Fixed: Crash occurring with Elemental Storms
* New: Mystical Shield has been removed and replaced by a new skill, Volatile Nature, which increases your Physical Resistance when your Umbra is empty and your Spell Damage when your Umbra is full. We think this suits better the Arcanist Gameplay, where Umbra quickly jumps from Full to Empty in a few seconds.
* Modified: Reduced Efficiency of Battle-Ready and Magical Affinity
* New: Protective Gear skill, which increases your Armor Efficiency (very important stat for Guardians which wasn’t present in the Tree yet).
* New: Leech skill, which heal you from the Thorns damage you inflict. That was missing since there was no healing skill in this Tree for those who didn’t want to follow Guardian with Warden and its Health Regeneration skills.
* New: Determination skill, which increases your Physical Resistance when holding a Charged attack, and even more if it’s the Blocking attack of the Shield.
* Modified: Provocation, Mirror Shield, Guard Point and Guard Proficiency moved away from the central path.
* Modified: Constitution bonus from Mirror Shield has been moved to Guard Mastery.
* Modified: Reduced efficiency of Mirror Shield.
* Fixed : Resolute Stance wasn’t working.
* New: Time-Slowing Leap skill, which reduces the costs of your Spells (Rage and Umbra) during a short moment after performing a Dodge-Roll. This creates a bridge for the ones who use this Tree with a very offensive Dodge-roll for mobility and power. Its position also creates an alternative central path for those who don’t want to invest in Stamina Regeneration.
* Modified: Swapped Extinguisher and Invincible for a less specific central path.
* New: Weaponizer skill, which increases your Physical Damage. Because there’s never too much Damage. Plus, this moves the Rage Generation skill away from the central path.
* New: Melee Lunge skill, which increases the hitting range of all your Melee weapons.
* Modified: Swapped Unfair Fight and Temper for a less specific central path.
* Modified: Strength bonus from Rage Generation has been moved to Weaponizer.
* Modified: Increased duration of Wrath.
* Modified: Anger Burst moved away from the central path.
* Modified: Rush moved and easier to reach.
* New: Enhanced Reflex skill, which increases the amount of Crit Chance you normally gain from your total Dexterity.
* New: One Shot skill, which gives a small chance to all your Critical Strikes to Insta-kill common enemies. Yeah, that’s right.
* New: Dishonor skill, which increases your Critical Chance against those who don’t target you, which we think will be great with the not-implemented-yet “Pets” branch of the Hunter section.
* New: Recovery skill, which increases your Health Regeneration when you’re not fighting. This allows you to retreat and quickly heal when you’re in immediate Danger, or fully recover between fights, a little healing capacity that was cruelly missing for the Hunter.
* New: Head Hunter skill, which increases your Attack Speed, Spellcasting Speed and Movement Speed when killing an elite monster.
* Modified: Reduced Crit Chance of Precise Shots
* Modified: Aggravated Shots, Precise Shots, Light Armor Mastery, Bow mastery and Crossbow Mastery moved away from the central path.
* Modified: Shooter becomes Keen Eye and works also for Non-ranged weapons, but with a lower bonus.
* Modified: Incapacitating Shots becomes Incapacitating Strikes and works also for Non-ranged weapons, but with a lower bonus.
* Modified: Quick Aim becomes Quick Targeting and works also for Non-ranged weapons, but with a lower bonus.
* Modified: Steady Aim is no longer a mandatory skill.
* Modified: Swapped Offensive Protection and Protection Extended
* Modified: Swapped Unmovable and Umbral Constitution

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