Update 0.3.4 : Keys rebinding, updated ghoul and more !


Update 0.3.4 : Keys rebinding, updated ghoul and more !

Hi everyone !

The team has been working hard before the holidays in order to bring you update 0.3.4
We’ve added many new things, including two new and redesigned enemies, and the long awaited keys rebinding menu !

If you missed our previous devblog, here’s a video showcasing the Ghoul and Orc Crossbowmen :

The UI has been improved again, and as usual we’ve packed bug fixes, balance changes, performance tweaks and more.

Here is the changelog with every change we made to the game. Merry Christmas and happy holidays to everyone !

Requested by many of you, it’s now here, Keybinding menu !

The “Low Effect” mode has been renamed “Performance mode” and has been improved, some visual elements like the fog are now present, and it is now more efficient. This mode works even better with high resolutions. In our tests we have around 50 fps at 4K (3840×2160) with a GTX 980. But be advised, this mode can break some visual elements like the hair. Reminder: this mode is meant to be used for low configurations along with the ‘Low’ graphical setting.

You can know press Left Shift when comparing rings and weapons to switch between left & right. Right-clicking on an item in your inventory while maintaining Left Shift will equip the item in the correct slot.

We’ve also made various optimizations and as we listen to you guys, we’ve added some visual settings that you can now toggle, like the silhouettes or the damage numbers
* New : Keybinding menu
* New: Return of the Ghoul, including Audio voice and effects
The Ghoul can now use three different Skills :
Jump Attack : Quickly jump and deal open wounds to the target
Hidden Lurker : The Ghoul digs and hides underground, moving faster and tries to attack when coming back on the ground
Spike Throw : Ranged attack casting several projectiles in a cone
* Fixed: Player character could lost his pants in certain conditions
* Improved: We’ve optimized the way some elements are cached. There shouldn’t be small freeze when certains elements appears (includes UI elements, textures, enemies, spells… Still WIP)
* Improved: Minor performances improvement in various parts of the code.
* Improved: Part of Damage calculation have been refactored, in order to improve DoT management in the future and introduce new DoT types.
* Modified: New impact and trail effects for crossbow
* Fixed: Same result in PST with and without GI (missed something in the last update)
* Modified: The camera shake is now strong by default and has been tweaked
* Improved: The mode has been optimized and improved. The SSDO is now disabled, as well as other post process. An optimized fog is now present, and the engine use a tiled forward shading for transparent objects, which is more efficient, but breaks some features, like the hairs. This feature is still experimental.
* Improved: Shading of metal armors
* Improved: Shadow caching update ratio
* New: Keybinding menu !
* New: You can know press Left Shift when comparing rings and weapons to switch between left & right. Right-clicking on an item in your inventory while maintaining Left Shift will equip the item in the correct slot.
* New: Colored Silhouettes for enemies, usable objects and allies can now be toggled off in the game menu.
* New: Breakables no longer have red silhouettes.
* New: Damage Numbers can now be toggled off in the game menu.
* New: Contextual text like “Dodged” or “Blocked” can now be toggled off in the game menu.
* Fixed: Blacksteel Armguard [R] was equipped in the wrong inventory slot
* Fixed: Right clicking on items in the player chest wasn’t transferring the item to the player’s inventory
* Modified: Attack Speed is now displayed in categories (slow, fast, very fast, etc.) on weapons tooltips.
* Modified: Unlimited Power has a new icon.
* Improved: Enemies health bar readability
* Improved: Lot of internal cleaning
* Improved: Some tooltips in the menu
* Fixed: Music state when entering a dungeon
* Improved: We now load a saved navigation mesh at startup, resulting in less CPU charge during the first minutes.
* Improved: Expulse blow animations were improved. Some issue remains.
* Improved: Ghoul character
* New: Orc crossbow
* New: Usual measurement units are now localized in magic effects strings, and are located in the text_ui_passiveskills.xml file.
* Fixed: The black templar cape was wrongly named.
* Fixed: ToolTips of ‘Play Online’ and ‘Play Offline’
* New: Redesigned Ghoul.
* New: Orc Crossbowman.
* New: Pulverize effect – Killing enemies with high amount of damage may trigger a gore explosion.
* New: Poison Aura boss modifier.
* New: Umbral Nova boss modifier.
* New: Fire Nova boss modifier.
* New: Fire resistance boss modifier.
* New: Frost resistance boss modifier.
* New: Lightning resistance boss modifier.
* New: Meteor Rain boss modifier.
* New: Armored boss modifier.
* New: Item Quality is now visible in the tooltip. Unlike Rarity which is linked to the magic effects of an item, Quality slightly determines its base attributes (Damage, Armor, Gold value, …) and is affected by level and Rarity for now.
* New: Raw Poison Damage sources may inflict Poisoning on time.
* New: Raw Bleeding Damage sources may inflict Open Wounds.
* Modified: After stretching his arms for so long, the Driller had to take a break from his exercise and is temporarily replaced by a something really nasty 😉
* Modified: The Skeleton Overlord should drop loot again.
* Modified: Tweaked enemy health curve.
* Modified: Decreased the cooldown reduction per level of the teleport boss modifier.
* Modified: Removed several enemies from the game (elemental zombies and shamans) as their special abilities are now generic boss modifiers.
* Modified: Raised overall chance of encountering an enemy with a boss rank.
* Modified: Various tweaks to enemy spawns
* Modified: Increased the damage of most enemies special attacks and spells.
* Modified: Slightly increased spell damage per power point.
* Modified: Rebalanced Dodge Chance.
* Modified: Rebalanced summoned creatures health and damage per level.
* Modified: Slightly rebalanced Gold Values calculation and Selling price multiplicator.
* Modified: Poison effect now stacks up to 10 times.
* Modified: Decreased drop chance of books.
* Modified: Raise minimum level for some books to drop.
* Modified: Damage of a few legendary items will now scale with their level.
* Modified: Dual Daggers Rend now has a fixed range of 3 meters.
* Modified: Attack speed and animation scaling have been refactored, for a more controllable and smooth gameplay.
* Modified: Removed damage added by weapon combos.
* Modified: Gothic Belt now has armor points and armor efficiency as default affixes.
* Modified: Reduced channeling time of two handed hammer charged attack.
* Fixed: Ammo skills damage were wrongly calculated and passive bonus like Increased Elemental Damage weren’t considered by Ranged shots.
* Fixed: Return Damage boss modifier was malfunctioning.
* Fixed: Gothic Belt did not always drop as a magical item.
* Fixed: Demonic Berserkers and other summoned creatures will no longer spawn at level 0.
* Fixed: The ROS should no longer take time to update your max mana when adding Power points.
* Modified: We’ve changed the way suffixes number is calculated when an item is generated, and it is now harder to get more suffixes for the same rarity tier.
* Modified: Impulse chance affix has been tweaked and now only rolls on one and two handed hammers.
* Modified: Tweaked Root Chance affix.
* Modified: Attack Speed bonus from the affix has been reduced.
* Modified: Attack Speed affix no longer rolls on amulets and rings.
* Modified: Tweaked elemental damage affixes.
* Modified: Decreased Umbral Ray damage.
* Modified; Tweaked XP gains of several skills.
* Modified: Decreased Whirlwind’s damage to 55-65% weapon damage and added some weapon damage percent per level.
* Modified: Increased Brutal Strike’s damage to 300-400% weapon damage instead of a fixed value.
* Fixed: Ignite should burn the ground again as intended.

* New: A whole new layout for the Elementalist, a few new skills and a lot of balancing : those are the main reasons for this week’s PST wipe. We have now entered the deep-balancing phase of the first two rings and Passive Skills should fit the gameplay a lot better without breaking it like it used to. However, all DoT-related passive skills may still be over-powerful while the new DoT system is being revamped.
* Modified: Swapped Assassination and Surgeon.
* Modified: Frantic, Practical Weapons, Chained Executions, Serial Skiller, Dual Daggers Mastery, Merciless, Blood Lust, Enhanced Toxin Usage, Physiological Assault, Confusion Serum, Sneak Strike, Brawl Starter, Venom, Deadlier Poison, Critical Dash, Path to Darkness, Bloodthirst, Counter-Attack, Diversion, Backstab, Treachery, Silent Death, Unexpected Trouble, Sequencing, Bloodshed, Assassination, Blood Thinner, Momentum Absorption, Vein Cutter and Severing have been rebalanced.
* Modified: The whole tree has been redesigned and it now has a better organization, with skills grouped by elements for the most part and Storm skills on the central path. We heard your feedback about what a mess this Tree was, and we hope you will enjoy this new version, more balanced and friendly.
* Modified: High Voltage, Thunder, Lightning Strike, Static Discharge, Conductivity, Recharging, Powerful Magic, Primary Energy, Extended Storms, Absolute Zero, Hardened Ice, Frostbite, Icefall, Icebreaker, Path to Destruction, Elemental Reversion, Status Alteration, Master of Elements, Energy Conservation, Ardent, Fire Embrace, Inflammable and Elemental Boost have been rebalanced.
* Modified: Unstable Orbs is no longer automatic, but have a chance to activate instead.
* Modified: Icebreaker no longer works on elite monsters.
* Modified: Quick Targeting Dexterity bonus has been replaced by a SpellCasting Speed bonus, which makes this skill fully compatible with all builds.
* Modified: Quick Targeting, Head Hunter, Enhanced Reflex, Keen Eye, Steady Aim, Retreat, Light Armor Mastery, Aggravated Shots, Weakening Poison, Crippled, Vulnerability, Incapacitating Strikes, Evasion Trap, Meticulous Killer, Dishonor, Precise Shot and Crossbow Mastery have been rebalanced.
* Modified: Battleaxe Mastery, Swift Warrior Weaponry, Trained Eye, Prediction, Expert, Renowned target, Medium Armor Mastery, Tough Head, Anticipation, Warhammer Mastery, Tough, Commotion, Greatsword Mastery, Sturdy Warrior Weaponry, Butchery, Wide Reach, Brutality, All Against One, First Aid, Healing Knowledge, Weaponized Dance, One-Handed Mastery, Crossed Strikes, Dual-Wielding Mastery, Killing Chain and Killing Chain Extended have been rebalanced.
* New: Bayonet Skill, which gives your ranged shots an Armor Piercing bonus the closest your target is. We think this is a must-have for this hybrid class since it encourages using Ranged Weapons at short distance.
* New: Perfect Shot has been replaced by a new Skill, Perseverance, which may double your ranged shots against a precise enemy if you continuously shoot it without changing targets, which creates a good synergy between the Trickster and the Hunter.
* Modified: Counter-Shot, Umbral Ammunition, Charge, Critical Roll, Defensive Roll, Offensive roll, Kinetic Onslaught, Thrilled, Barrage, Artery Slicing, Gifted, Evasion Extended, Path to Betrayal, Momentum, Heat-Seeking Ammunition, Lethal Strikes and Lethal Strikes Extended have been rebalanced.
* Modified: Adrenaline, Guard Point, Resilience, Shield Of Anger, Metallic Aura, Thorn, Determination and Shards have been rebalanced.
* Modified: Elemental Affinity, Elemental Absorption, Stone Skin, Immune System, Recuperation, Natural Healing, Benediction, Endurance, Iron Health, Unmovable, Umbral Constitution, Blessing Alchemy, Static Defense, Rooted, Chainbreaker, Instant Blessing, Protection Extended, Offensive Protection, Healing Stamina, Muscularity, Path to Preservation, Chosen, Champion, Elemental Regeneration and Experimental Alchemy have been rebalanced.
* Fixed: A bug with the Rooted Skill where the invulnerability bonus was active too long.
* New: Lethal Magic now includes a Power bonus.
* Modified: Chain Cast, Spellcaster, Magical Affinity, Critical Cast, Composure, Mystical Forces, Rage Globe Understanding, Globes Magnet, Health Globe Understanding, Quick Rest, Lethal Magic, Umbra Pool Extended, Power Boost, Longer Power Boost, Extended Power Boost, Rage Globe Catalyst, Umbra Globe Catalyst, Battlemage, Magical Globes Understanding and Battle-Ready have been rebalanced.
* Modified: Swapped Globes Magnet and Magical Globes Understanding.
* Modified: Weaponizer, Confrontation, Unfair Fight, Rush, Impact, Anger Burst, Wrath, Forcing The Luck, Enraged and Change of Mind have been rebalanced.
* Modified: Acrobatics, Evasion, No Rest, Exhilarating Strikes, Extinguisher, Weakness Exploit, Invincible, Urgent Withdrawal, Critical Opening, Vigorous Strikes, Untouchable and Vitality have been rebalanced.

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    Would be great if you can actually rebind it however you want.

    I hate using left mouse button for movement skill, I’m sure there are others.
    Some mouse have horrible, if no mouse wheel.
    I tried rebinding it so my right click is forced movement, but to no avail, I hope you guys take notice of this for more flexible key bindings.

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