Update 0.3.5 : New Potions, unlocked Skill slots, new DoTs and more !


Update 0.3.5 : New Potions, unlocked Skill slots, new DoTs and more !

Hi everyone !

The team is now ready to deliver the first update of 2017 !
Patch 0.3.5 brings new gameplay features, bugs fixes, performance improvements and quality of life changes to the game.

The merchant will now restock every day in the morning. No need to quit the game anymore !


DoTs and status ailments have been streamlined and will now stack. You can check your dot damage per stack on your character sheet.
To go with that, three new types of status ailments have been added. Frailty and Weakness will weaken your foes in different ways, and Curse will spread status ailments and dots to other enemies.

New potions and elemental poisons are now available too. Also, they can now drop as magical items and can give you a boost when drinking or using them.
Experiment with them to complete your playstyle !



Of course, all those colorful potions won’t be much use if you can’t equip them. No worries, you’ll now unlock additional potion slots by leveling up.
Skill Slots 5 and 6 can also be unlocked in the same way now too !



Some of our players may also notice performance improvements with this update, as we’ve made progress with optimization. We’ve also packed many bug fixes, as you would expect.


Because of the many changes made to the game, we have to wipe your characters and houses, unfortunately.


We’ll soon have more to share about upcoming content and gameplay changes, so stay tuned !

You can read the full changelog below. Have fun !

* New: The merchant will now restock every 24 in-game hours (everyday at 6:00 a.m). You can sleep at Amarth’s Inn to wait until next restock.
* Improved: As evoked in the previous update, the DoT system has been refactored. All DoT can now be stacked and their treatment has been optimized. They now have a base Damage value or Efficiency per stack and those values (shown in your Character Sheet) increase with your level, attributes and specialization. DoT sources can now inflict one or more stacks, depending on the intended power. Durations also vary from one source to another. Sources that previously caused DoT damage now put a specific number of stacks instead. Visual indicators will show you the different stacks of each enemy in the future.
* Improved: Improved mouse actions pipeline performances
* Improved: Improved AI performances
* Improved: Improved Mobs spawning performances
* Improved: Minor performance improvements in multiple game’s system

* Fixed: Fog in dungeons when graphic settings changed
* Fixed: White fog in swamp area when ‘performance mode’ is active
* Fixed: Zooming inside the passive skill tree no longer zoom in-game camera
* Fixed: Zooming inside the housing construction mode no longer zoom in-game camera
* Fixed: Boss cast-effects weren’t properly removed.

* Fixed: keybinding menu not disappearing when pressing escape
* Fixed: Equipping ring wasn’t working as expected
* Fixed: Could equip item in wrong inventory slots (now display an error message)
* Fixed: Inventory item slot highlight wasn’t cleared in some cases
* Fixed: Clicking in the inventory could open the passive skill tree in some cases
* Fixed: No item icon for templar amulet in inventory
* Fixed: Default attack (LMB) could be replaced with any skill
* Fixed: Switching between Left & Right ring when comparing item in the merchant shop wasn’t working.
* Fixed: Wrong item price displayed in the reclaim panel
* Fixed: The metallic clip will now properly disappear in the belt slot when equipping a potion.
* Fixed: A bug where Potions weren’t equipped at the same height on the Belt.
* Fixed: A few one-handed Axes had wrong icon sizes.
* Fixed: Pressing “s” then “,” keys was opening the Passive Skills Tree.
* Modified: Removed the ability to assign skills to your skill bar using the left click (one click on the skill you want to assign, one click on the slot you want to assign). Skill assignation is now only possible using drag & drop.
* Modified: The Character Sheet has been modified in order to display new fields and tooltips (Status Ailments and Survivability sections).

* Due to major changes in the housing code & associated systems, we had to wipe the houses. Sorry for the inconvenience.
* Fixed: Crash when entering housing

* New: weapon impact and gore sounds
* New: town gate open and shut
* New: sounds for the Ghoul
* New: critical attack charge-up and unleash sounds
* New: Town teleport audio
* New: Burning torch melee swing sounds
* New: Menu button sounds
* Improved: sync on dual wield attack swings
* Improved: general audio mix
* Improved: NPC crossbow fire mix and positioning (easier to distinguish now)
* Modified: Audio menu settings are now set to full (1.00) by default

* Fixed: Various navigation problems in dungeons
* Modified: The time of day is now static in the tutorial area

* New: The game is now translated in Czech! Thanks to Bedek!
* Improved: Chinese, german, hungarian and russian has been updated by the community. As always, thank you very much guys!

* New: the “Curse” DoT has a chance to propagate other DoT the target suffer to its surrounding allies. It lasts generally longer than other Status Ailments and ticks less often. The propagated DoT make use of all the traits of your specialization (passives, gear, …), like increased durations, Damage bonuses, etc. When adding more Curse stacks on the same enemy, the propagation chance each tick increases.
* New: the “Frailty” DoT lower all your target’s Resistances except physical, including its raw Resistance to Spells.
* New: the “Weakness” DoT lower all Damage done by your target, and also reduces its Stamina Regeneration.
* New: All raw Shadow damage sources have a chance to trigger Curse stacks
* New: All raw Sacred damage sources have a chance to trigger Weakness stacks
* New: All raw Umbra damage sources have a chance to trigger Frailty stacks
* New: When killing an enemy, you can now trigger an “Overkill”, meaning that this kill is critical and gives you a small Attack Speed / Casting Speed bonus. This will also trigger an additional drop roll for globes and gold on this enemy. Overkill chances depend on the last Damage taken by the enemy, and may be of elemental type depending on the majoritary type of your attack. In the future, Overkills will have special visual effects depending on their type, while right now only the Physical Overkill has a special effect.
* New: All Potions can now roll magic affixes just like other items : a Potion can be Magic or Rare (not Legendary for now) and have various magic effects that are briefly active when you drink them.
* New: A Rage Potion that instantly gives you Rage points.
* New: A Stamina Potion that instantly gives you Stamina points.
* New: All base Potions (Health, Umbra, Rage and Stamina) now exist in 4 different sizes, with different visuals, charges, refill times, cooldowns and values.
* New: Several Poisons have been added to the game, giving magical effects to your melee and ranged hits : Cursing, Burning, Bleeding, Freezing, Shocking and Weakening. They can be looted at a rather high level.
* New: You can now automatically unlock new skills slots 5 and 6, by reaching respectively level 10 and 20. This is a temporary way of giving you more skill slots, but may change in the future.
* New: You can now automatically unlock new Belt slots for potions at level 3, 7, 11 and 15. This is a temporary way of giving you more potion slots, but may change in the future.
* New : Three new rings.
* Modified: Changes to enemy spawns for a smoother early-game experience.
* Modified: Ranged Gameplay has been slightly modified : simple shots now generate Rage on hit just like Melee attacks, and Special shots like Spreadshot or Rapid Fire cost Rage instead of Umbra. This will allow us to create new mechanics and interactions in the future, rethink ammunition skills and balance the whole thing.
* Modified: Enemies should inflict less damage during the introduction sequence.
* Modified: Decreased amount of Umbra given by Power by a factor of ten.
* Modified: Poison Vials have been modified : when you use them, they no longer work for only one hit, but for a short duration instead. During this time, all your hits with weapons (melee & range) will inflict one Poison stack. If you use the same Poison several times, the number of stacks you inflict each hit will increase, up to a maximum stacks number that is defined by the Poison Vial itself. This way, you can prepare for a tough fight by using different Poisons and inflict severe Damage for a short period of time.
* Modified: Rage and Umbra Globes no longer give you instant resources, but fill your Rage and Umbra Potions up instead if you have one ore more equipped in your belt. Health Globes and Globes-related passive skills remain unchanged.
* Modified: Increase health per level for the ghoul.
* Modified: Decreased the amount of items in the Elder Ghoul lootsplosion.
* Modified: Decreased the amount of damage reflected by the return damage bossmod.
* Fixed: Books selling price was wrongly calculated.
* Fixed: Rapid Fire had a high cooldown reduction per level, allowing players to fire in fully-automatic mode within a few level-ups.
* Fixed: Templars should not perma-knockdown enemies anymore.

* New: Potions can now randomly roll a few on-use affixes. Right now they’re only main attributes bonuses, but we’ll add more in the future for a wide diversity of Potions.
* Modified: Tweaked movement speed affix.
* Modified: Shields, maces, hammers, daggers and capes now have default affixes.
* Modified: Changed most default affixes on rings and amulets.
* Modified: Accessories do not always roll as magical items anymore.

* Modified: Removed the base damage added by elemental ammo skills.
* Modified: The Hemorrhage buff now does not stacks and provide one additional openwound stack.
* Modified: The Rend Skill now inflicts two openwound stacks on enemies.
* Modified: Chain Lightning has a quicker transfer time.


* New Skill: Hitman, which prevent you to enter Fight Mode for the first hit done / taken (which means you continue to benefit from all the “Out of Fight” bonuses).
* Modified: Enhanced Toxin Usage has been rebalanced to fit the new active Poisons.

* New Skill: Isolated, which gives you a Ranged Damage bonus if there’s no enemy around you in a close radius.
* New Skill: Distant Outburst, which increases the Rage gain of your Shots the further you are from your target.
* New Skill: Strategist, which increases your Rage gain on first strike / first shot if you’re not in a fight.
* New Skill: Marksman, which increases your Critical Chance with Weapons and Spells the further you are from your target.
* Modified: A few new links and two new exit skills will allow you to select more specific skills in the the tree and still reach its end.
* Modified: Light Armor Mastery and Retreat have been moved to the Thief section.

* Modified: In addition to the freshly acquired Retreat and Light Armor Mastery skills, new links have been added in order to reach the end of the section in 9 points instead of 12 (more consistent with the other sections of the first ring).

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