Update Hotfixes and public release of update


Update Hotfixes and public release of update

Hello everyone !

Following the experimental version of patch, and thanks to the great help of our Community and the hard work of our developers, we are now ready to release the update for everyone. The update brings lots of hotfixes in order to improve your experience on our latest additions to the game.

In addition to this update, we inform you that Wolcen is 20% off on Steam during the Steam Winter Sale, setting the cost to 15,99€.

You can find the global presentation of the patch on our website, where we introduced the Jeweler, the Archivist, Pistols, the Maleficient and all the new features added in this update. The changelog we’re providing you now merges the old changelog with the hotfix, and some additions to clarify certain features we added.

Once again, thank you all for supporting us. All the Wolcen Team joins to wish you all very happy holidays !




  • All characters and stashes have been reset in order to avoid conflict between the old and the new content.
  • Monster density has been overhauled, with less monsters on screen at the same time and more space between packs in most areas. This should help with both performance and balance for melee-oriented characters.
  • Monsters have slightly reduced detection range, which should help players engage enemies on their own terms, and reduce the feeling of being overwhelmed by monsters that you can’t see.
  • Inventory and item sizes have been revamped. The inventory size is now 10 columns, 6 rows. Items now take either 1 cell, or 2 cells (vertically).
  • Gems and corresponding gem sockets have been added to the game.
  • The Game should properly handle inverted Left and Right mouse buttons.
  • Fixed the invisible corrupted enemies issue.
  • Fixed the gem required level mechanic.
  • Fixed various game crashes.
  • You can now hit Corrupted Hearts with Pistols.
  • Fixed gems gold value.
  • Fixed belt items unlocking.
  • The bandit camp has been opened. You’ll find two new enemies to fight there.


  • The visuals of the PST links, rings and nodes have been reworked to improve readability at both close and far zoom level.
  • Frenzy and Fear particles have been reworked.
  • The game now starts at night time.
  • Fixed “replace me” textures in corrupted area.


  • The whole character sheet UI has been revamped and many displayed values have been tweaked.
  • The UI icon for customizing a spell when it levels up is now only displayed when the spell reaches a step where it can unlock a new variant.
  • Top-screen Health bars are now shown for Corrupted Nodes and Hearts.


  • Fixed a memory leak related to the merchant items
  • Improved performances for item instantiation


  • New Housing music.


  • Various small improvements and optimizations.


  • Weapons are now 10% smaller on the female player character.
  • The female character’s idle position has been slightly improved. More improvements will come later regarding her global animations.
  • An Archivist NPC is now available in Amarth and other locations. You can sell Spellbooks to him and earn Knowledge, which you can use to increase the experience level of your other spells.
  • A Jeweler NPC is now available in Amarth and other locations, and will remove the socketed gems from your favorite items for a reasonable fee!


  • A global unification pass has been done over the Character Sheet, Passive Skills, Active Skills and all gameplay strings of the game. In particular, Poison Damage is now called Toxic, while Poison designates the Status Ailments inflicted by this Damage type. The same goes with Rend Damage which inflicts Bleeding.


  • Attributes calculation and effects on gameplay have been completely refactored, changing the whole dynamic of the gameplay. Balancing this may take a little time, but we’re sure you’ll find investing in attributes more useful than ever.
  • A true Damage Conversion feature has been added to the game. Conversion is applied very early in the Damage calculation process, meaning that you will benefit from the Damage bonus modifier and the Status Ailments of the converted type, not the original type. You’ll begin to find Damage Conversion in the game from time to time, starting with PST skills for now.
  • Corpses have been added to the game: when killing an enemy, it has a chance to leave one or more corpses bits on the grounds, which are used as Resource for Spells and passives. This will be a very important mechanic for Necromancers, and Maleficients already make a small use of them.
  • The Pistols weapon class is now available. Pistols can be used single-handledly, in pair or mixed with a Melee weapon (and soon with a Shield). Shift-clicking while holding a hybrid gear will force the use of the equipped Ranged weapon instead of moving into Melee. In the future, they will work with everything that affect Crossbows (Ammunitions, bouncing, splitting, etc.) but right now they only take Ammunitions into account.
  • Several modification have been brought to Corrupted nodes and hearts regarding spells compatibility and targeting, with the exception of Arrows Rain which will be fixed in the future.
  • Just like other Damage types inflict their own Status Ailments, all Physical Damage sources now have a chance to Stun enemies.
  • Insta-kill mechanic (PST) has been fixed and should not trigger Overkills of all types anymore.
  • The blown away mechanic has been improved. Characters do not fall to the ground anymore, resulting in smoother gameplay.


  • New monster: the Corrupted Cerebellum
  • New monster: Brigand Trapper
  • New monster: Brigand
  • New monster: Frozen undead
  • New monster: Shocking undead
  • The Ogre has a new attack.
  • A variety of ghosts variants of monsters will now appear at night.
  • New monster: Blazing undead.


  • New gems types: Topaz, Lapis-Lazuli, Diamond, Amber, Silverstone, Sapphire, Emerald, Ruby, Copperstone, Goldstone, Beryl, Cyanite, Amethyst and Alexandrite.
  • New weapon models: Chronos, Ice Shard, Hydra, and a Templar set.
  • New armor model: Redeemer armor. It can be won at the arena.
  • Using Rage Potions will now trigger your Rage Conservation.


  • The affixes generation system has been reworked.
  • Several new magic effects have been added to the game, such as Damage or Damage Reduction against special kinds of foes (Undeads, Orcs, etc.) or Combo hits modifiers.


  • New section: Maleficient! Unleash the wild forces of Shadow, Poison and Fear to curse and incapacitate your enemies while inflicting them heavy Damage over time. This new section feature two unique Signature skills and 43 new passive skills!
  • All the “Masteries” skills have been refactored, and now bear a bonus that triggers on Critical hits with a specific weapon in addition to a flat Damage bonus when wielding that weapon (stackable between both hands). They also regroup One-Handed and Two-Handed variants of weapons under the same Mastery (ex: the Sword Mastery will work for Swords and Broadswords). More weapon-specific skills are likely to come in the future.
  • All flat Attributes modifiers have been streamlined and you will now find them on every node of the PST, depending on the skill’s rarity: at least 1 Attribute point for a Bronze skill, 2 for a Silver, 3 for a Gold and 4 for a Signature one, with the possibility to have higher values for specific nodes. This way, we make sure you earn part of you Attributes points through the PST and always have minimal requirements when you play a specific archetype. In addition to that, most passive skills related to attributes have been rebalanced and harmonized.
    • Legionary
      • The whole section layout has been shuffled, for a more coherent progression and a more generic central path.
      • New skills: Weapon Expertise (Shields, Swords, Axes, Hammers, Daggers, Crossbows, Light & Heavy), Steady Heartbeat, Obdurate, Soldier, Self-Defense.
      • Time Warp and Melee Lunge have been removed from the game since they were based on obsolete mechanics.
      • Hard Punch trigger chance is now 15% instead of 4%.
      • Enraged bonus is now 3% instead of 1%.
    • Arcanist
      • New Skill: Weapon Mastery (Staves).
    • Guardian
      • New Skill: Drum Shield, replacing Provocation (which has been moved to Gladiator).
      • Inner Shield displaying bug has been fixed.
    • Thief
      • Quickness description has been changed and its effect increased.
    • Hunter
      • Since the Crossbow Mastery now bears a different effect, the old effect has been moved into a new skill called Twin Bolts.
      • Vulnerability’s chance to trigger went up from 5% to 10%.
      • Precise Shot has been rebalanced to reach higher bonus while taking longer to stack. It’s reseting condition has been fixed.
    • Elementalist

      • Umbra Reshaping has been modified to use the new Damage Conversion mechanic, and has been rebalanced to still allow hybrid gameplays (only 50% of Elemental Damage are converted to their matching type).
      • Master of Elements has been reworked to cut only 50% of your Physical Damage.
    • Assassin
      • The whole section layout has been shuffled, for a more coherent progression and a more generic central path, with more specialized and flavoured sub-trees.
      • New skills: Havoc, Coated Blade, So Taught Sarisel, Shade, Nocturnal, Overkill: Agility, Born Killer, Decapitation, Grim Reaper, Genocide, Deficiency, Death Sentence, Punisher, Infected Wound and Hammer of Doom.
      • Confusion Serum trigger chance is now 5% instead of 1%.
      • Practical Weapons has been reworked and now works for Daggers, Swords (1H & 2H), Axes (1H & 2H) and Crossbows and is stackable between both hands.
      • Critical Dash is now called Aggression.
      • Venom and Fracture have been reworked ton inflict Weakness stacks instead of flat resistance reduction.
    • Gladiator
      • The whole section has been revamped, with a brand new layout and plenty of new skills. We believe you will find progressing into Gladiator more coherent and rewarding, with a Battle-orientated flavour that was kind of missing until now.
      • New Skills: Unyielding, Eminent, Dismember, Provocation, Galvanized, Battle Cry, Bolt Cutter, Overkill: Ferocity, Overkill: Toughness, Everlasting Ire and Breathing Control.
      • Wide Reach and All Against One have been removed from the game since they were based on obsolete mechanics.
      • Trained Eye Armor piercing value has been doubled.
      • Butchery Critical Chance bonus went up from +3 to +8.
      • Heavy Strike Critical Damage bonus went up from +1 to +6.
      • Brutality now increases all the direct Damage you do, not just of the Physical type.
      • Healing Dash computation has been fixed.


  • New skill: Contagion.
  • New skill: Nightcrawler.
  • New skill: Killer Instinct.
  • New skill: Searing Chain.
  • New skill: Gaze of Ot-Mah.
  • Skills Combos have been revamped and a new system has been set up. We can now make a combo out of every kind of skills, with loopable parts and sequences, and use your true active spells (with their AST level and variants) inside combo trees. This is used only for weapon combos for now but will allow us to densify spells and weapons interactions in the future. This should also fix several issues induced by the old system: inconsistent attack speed or skills chaining, displaying errors, stances and ammo bugs, etc.
  • To avoid incompatibility issues, Stances or Ammo skills are now reset when you modify them through the PST or unique items (they instantly jump to the first state of the skill).
    • Hunting Ground
      • The base Damage has been increased to fit the new difficulty curve.
    • Impairing Ammunition
      • The Poison Shot is now properly working.
    • Whirlwind
      • When wielding a Pistol and a Melee weapon, Whirlwind’s range is now calculated through Melee weapon only.
      • Now with a melee weapon in each hand, the mean between their range is used for the range of the skill.


  • The sound and VFX delay when teleporting on Waypoints have been tweaked.
  • Old magic effects have been removed from the game, lowering the probability of having display errors in affixes and tooltips.
  • It is now impossible to open the Passive Skills Tree during a locked sequence.


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Community websites:

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French Fan Site : Wolcen France

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    is game actually updated to the hotfix ytet I cant seem to get out of experimental




    OK so I saw that the Bandit town is openin that screen that was posted but  is it? I have looked everywhere for the outpost but nada is it in upcomming update and my game still does not show a 0.5.04a just the 4 is the hotfix implemented and the game just reports as 0.5.04??




    Hello to all,


    Fantastic game you have there, i will defenitely play it,

    Just a noob question, if i buy the game now, later when fully realeased, no need to buy it again correct?

    Just update?

    Thanks in advance,




    Logan, I believe that purchasing Wolcen now means that you already own it when it eventually goes live and you don’t have to buy it again.  At least that’s how I understood it through Steam.


    Calistaen [Wolcen Staff]
    Guardian Angel

    Yes you will own it and won’t need to buy it again at the release 🙂

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