Work in Progress: Play Online


Work in Progress: Play Online

Hi everyone !

In today’s devblog, we are going to talk about one of our most awaited feature: multiplayer and the play online mode. A lot of work have been done in the past few months on the network side of Wolcen and we are now ready to give you an overview of what we have today, some of the features that are currently being worked on and what you can expect to see released in the upcoming months.

In the upcoming weeks, we will be releasing what we call the “Play Online mode” on the beta branch. In this mode, you will have the same experience as when you were playing offline but your save files will be stored on our server to avoid cheating and you will have access to online-exclusive features ! Just to be clear, we are not talking about coop here!

Introducing the Daily Dungeon

The Daily Dungeon is a feature that will only be available in the play online mode and that could be summed up as “Randomly generated dungeon with a speedrun twist”.
Everyday, a randomly generated dungeon will be available to all players. This generated dungeon will be different from the random dungeon you have access through the bounty NPC and will be the same for every players.
Your goal is to find the boss room and exit of the dungeon as fast as possible while crushing everything in your way. Your performance will be scored by a combination of time and monster killed and displayed in a leaderboard. At the end of the day, the player with the best score will receive a special reward.
We think daily dungeons offer a new and interesting way to play Wolcen mixing grinding, speedrun and indirect player vs. player.

We cannot wait to hear your feedback regarding the Daily Dungeon and see what crazy builds you come up with.



Now… onto the question on everyone’s lips : where is co-op multiplayer ?
So there is no misunderstanding: the play online mode, isn’t co-op multiplayer. You won’t be able to play with your friends with its release.
Unfortunately, multiplayer isn’t ready yet. However, the play online mode is the first step on the long road toward playing in the same game with your friends.
Before we can allow multiple players to join the same game, we have to develop a number of networking systems that will synchronise the player’s data. To do that, those data have to be stored on our servers so we can send to you, for example, the characters of the friends you are playing with.
This is what the Play Online mode is all about : lay the foundations on which the multiplayer but also all our online ecosystem will be built on.
This game mode is opening a lot of opportunity for us to make new features like the daily dungeon we mentioned above. It will also allow us to start implementing technical features invisible for our players like telemetry so we can have statistics about the game, the skills and builds you are using and a lot of various data we will be using for balancing.


What’s next ?

In the upcoming months, we will be working on improving server performances, fixing network related bugs, scaling up our networking infrastructure to support more concurrent players and developing all the systems required for multiplayer.Of course, we will still be working on improving the game in general, adding content and new features to keep you guys busy 😉
Here is an incomplete, non exhaustive, in no particular order list of the things you will be seing added to the games in the next months :

  • A brand new quest system with a new UI that will allow us to start implementing the first act of the game and introduce in-game cinematics
  • New sections of the passive skill tree
  • New skills in the active skill tree
  • New ennemis, boss and AI behaviors
  • New weapons, armors and items
  • And much more…
    sneak peak of the work in progress new main menu

These upcoming gameplay features will be showcased in more detail in their own devblogs.


Thank you all for your continuous support.
Cheers !

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    jimmy young

    Guys i dont know how to start thanking you for the extreme hard work u r doing for us.
    those words are not usual common gratitude, it came directly from years and years waiting for a diablo2 remake HD new game.

    i never in my entire life as nerd, bought an alpha\ uncompleted game…
    but once i saw what u have done for us, i instantly bought it to support your project.

    i never saw such a well done game that could come close to any diablo2 similar games ….

    you pressed into PERSONIFICATION, which was basicly the only 1 thing that player desire , excluding the gameplay.
    i mean … lets talk about your passive tree:
    its absolutly a perfect concept to determinate the personality\build of a player\character .
    1 point for u!

    from what i can understand you also pressed to personificate the builds
    a tons of different skills
    and i bet in future we will see lot new stuff about necromancy like resurrecting\ summoning
    which is amazing,

    i bet we will also see excluding to the dagger \ bow …. something like dagger for distance to also increase differences\ builds
    like chakrams

    i also noticed the TRAPS … so we will have something similar to the assassin in diablo2  or demon hunter in diablo3
    amazing well done

    i also see tons of different way to play 1handed \2 handed \ shield … plus tons of different items ( maces, hammers, spears, swords )

    i also see tons of elemental skills which will allows “mages” to fight to understand which will be the best build elementalist…

    INCREDIBLE well done, i always loved \dreamed those stuff


    i have only 2 problems to discuss with you guys,
    its about

    skills upgrade :
    i love the fact that you could exp not just your character but also your skills
    so it will allows us to make a full immersion into our build to understand how to\when\where use our skills and change\exp them
    amazing amazing!
    and also u can increase it “just” reading another books of it …  trading … amazing future concept

    the thing i loved about diablo2 was that you can find gear \ set gear  to increase the skill level  and i believe you could work
    on some bonus type like : “increase lightning skill by +1 by equipping this item”   and similar for all other
    or for necromancers “increase the number of minion you can raise by +1 ( excluding pets or followers)
    and sometimes make a differences about fire , as exemple , or bleed
    “increase the burning damage by xx% by equipping this item”
    “your poison damage can be spread by +1 enemy if u equip this item”
    “bleeding damage have a chance to stun enemy by xx% if you equip this item”
    “your melee physical skills have a xx% chance to be repeted without spending rage\umbra instantly after cast it if u equip this item”

    and than make also differences of those bonus with the same proprietis , so player will start enjoy infinitly the differences of building
    remember what we sad for poison? we can also do other item including the previous too
    “your poison damage have a chance to burn an enemy of xx% if you equip this item”
    “your poison damage have a chance to kill a common enemy by xx% if your equip this item”
    “your poison damage can be stacked  by +1 time if you equip this item”
    “your poison damage start hitting the enemy by xx% more faster if you equip this item”  —-> i love that
    “your poison damage , every time you kill an enemy with it, have a chance xx% to increase your next poison damage by xx% if you equip this item”
    “your poison damage, every time you kill an enemy with it, have a chance to cast a random necromancy skill by xx& if you equip this item”
    “your poison damage, every time you kill an enemy with it, have a chance to cast a poison nova by xx% if you equip this item”

    and that allows basicly to reduce by almost 99% the differences between build to build
    like think about the lighting sorcerers of diablo2…. it was always the same gear\same skill trees.
    so my concerns are:  try to keep those differences between same build,
    or we will see copy of the same player all over the wolcen realm  ç_ç


    i hope also that you guys will increase the maximum level of the skills
    and from what i saw every 10 level, if i dont get it wrong, u get
    +1 of the 6 bonuses of the skill , am i right?
    like watch chain lighting , you start been capable to spread the chains only to a determinate number of monster
    then leveling it up , you will increase the chains
    other skills also have reduction time \ reduction resourse right?

    i love this BONUS as REWARD you give if you level up a skill,
    but i would also love to increase its “awekeining power”
    like vortex  , i mean the spin to win skill heheheh
    you could also do that at max level it will leave behind you some little vortex that deal a low damage, but will grab some rage, to constantly allows you to use this skill and make a build behind it ?

    or blood bath,
    you could also do that at max level enemies have a chance to run in fear,  and spread the bleed around other monsters
    similar as poison , you could play with explosion and spreading of the desease of poison…


    i am not english\ i m italian so forgive me for my bad english,
    but i love to much this game to make my fingers stop to write.

    i hope the best for you guys!



    jimmy young


    i also forgot to speak about enchants\ gems\ soulstones

    i was watching everything inside your files
    and as surprise i saw finally gems ( topaz only for now)
    and soulstone

    i bet they will become with rarity
    so each increased rarity will increase its bonus and thats awesome,
    and also it will allows lot of craft
    like  “give 10x common topaz  , to receive 1x magic topaz …and so on”

    but i would suggest also to rework and think to  something similar to the RUNEWORDS of diablo2
    it was incredible how much it increased the game!
    because those runewords allows all players to create a “god – version” of theyr weapon\build
    like an internal patch WITHOUT  doing like path of exile is doing,
    like  “this item is useless—> pump it up —> ouh damn its overpower —> lets nerf again ”


    also about skills you could do
    if you reach level max,  to select its AWEKENING
    as exemple
    chain lightning —> “your skill reached max level now select wich path u want :    1) crit +5%  \  +2 chains \  penetrate 10% light res
    so players will understand about                                                  1) pvp         \ 2)    pve       \ 3) advanced pvp end geared

    or as exemple
    blood bath   —> “your skill reached max level now select wich path u want :    1) bleed damage also poison  \  +5 seconds \  can stack up to +3 the bleeds

    so players will understand about                                             1) pvp                                          \ 2)    pve         \ 3) advanced pvp end geared


    Before i forgot in the previus message we spoke about
    difference in gear bonuses to build your char
    as for exemple
    bleeding damage …and as more focused blood bath

    You could also make gear bonuses like
    “if you equip this item, every time you kill an enemy with a skill, reduce its cooldown by xx%” —-> that could work for METEOR
    “if you equip this item, every time you kill an enemy with a skill, extend its time by xx%”         —–> that WORKS with bloodbath


    i also have something to say about bow\distance skills
    its incredible UNBALANCED in terms that
    all other skills have a HUGE AoE  capability —-> motion gameplay

    now i now.. that bow\crossbow  you must stand to use it, and its perfect! dont get it wrong.
    but guys…
    even if you add explosion ammo or some spreading damage near other enemies…
    its not an AoE  like the 99% of all other your skills.

    i know , i know!  since the beginning of those online games,  bow\crossbow was always for the single target
    but you must understand that you litterally suppressed any AoE chance with them


    “if you equip this item you have a chance of xx%  to hit xx% enemies with the same bullet\arrow you shot”
    “if you equip this item you have a chance of xx% to cast xx% arrows \ +1 arrow in 25° to the first shot\bullet”
    “if you equip this item you have a chance of xx% to split the arrow ( dealing half damage) to other enemies”


    i also wanna talk about a basic problem, not a big deal…but…

    almost every melee weapon if you use the RIGHT mouse click,  have a 1 way \ little degress spreading  skill damage.

    but if you

    Equip 2 daggers,  your right mouse click , have a 360°  or close aoe so you can hit all enemies around you.
    endeed,  i used daggers to level up and combinate with a melee skill  to use rage\umbra combo

    because with ALLLLL other mele weapon, it was pretty boring\ no sense to use the right click mouse.


    i m always not an english person, so dont blame it on me!



    My fucking god, that means game will has closed server¿?¿?¿? like diablo 2, etc. To prevent hackers, and have a real “competitive” experience? guys if u do this will be fucking GREAT… cant wait… finally a nice ARPG with strongh online play… FINALLY!! hehehe.

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