Technical Animator

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Permanent Full-time /Freelance


Remote or Hybrid

Job Description

Wolcen is looking for a passionate and talented Senior Technical Animator, interested in improving the animation pipeline and working within Unreal Engine 5, in our journey to develop our next unannounced project. 

The ideal candidate is organized and self-motivated and must work well with others, enjoy and seek out collaboration. You will work with multiple disciplines to identify effective solutions, you will serve as a communicator with the goal of ensuring all involved parties have a common understanding of the system and our shared goals.

What you will do as a senior technical animation at Wolcen :

  • Help the animation team define, create, and maintain pipelines and workflows for Character Art, Animation, Cinematics, Gameplay and Locomotion
  • Develop, test and maintain animation and asset tools to improve the efficiency of our rigging, deformation, and animation pipeline in Maya.
  • Utilize animation tools within the Unreal Engine 5 to achieve the best representation of our characters, weapons and props in game.

Skills and Requirements

  • A minimum of 4 years of technical animation experience
  • Comfortable wearing multiple hats and problem solving both in DCC and in Unreal Engine
  • Proficient with DCC tools such as Maya and Motionbuilder
  • Proficient with Python scripting in Maya 
  • Able to constantly  recognize inefficiencies and provide solutions
  • Possess the ability to  self manage, as well as communicate effectively and constantly  with multiple departments 
  • Proactive and interested in taking on new challenges

Would be nice to have: 

  • Demonstrated experience creating animation blueprints, animation graphs and state machines in Unreal 5
  • Working knowledge of C++
  • Experience with motion capture and retargeting
  • Understanding of following: Auto rig systems, facial rigs, simulation setup, animation retargeting, motion capture pipeline, hair, cloth dynamic

How to Apply

[email protected]