Forum Guidelines


  1. Use descriptive titles
  • Be informative, direct and to the point
  • Avoid using clickbait
  • Do not use overly generic, non-specific titles. Doing this may result in your thread being removed

2. Treat others the same way you would like to be treated

  • Refer to rules 2 and 3 for specifics

3. If you see a thread/reply that you believe violates the guidelines/rules report it

  • Each thread and reply has a report button. Clicking this will allow you to choose a reason and write a
    comment if further explanation is required


1.No Spam / Advertising / Self-promotion

  • Spam = Unsolicited advertisement for goods, services and/or other websites, games or posts with
    little or no related content. This includes self promoting your website or business in the forum
  • Under this is also the idea of spamming the forum with multiple threads posting the same content.

2. Do not ask for or write personal information in the forum

  • This includes: names, email addresses, home/business addresses, phone numbers, social media accounts, or any information considered personnal.

3. Do not post offensive or rude content

  • This is defined as any material which could be considered defamation, profanity, pornography, harassment or abuse.
  • Material that is sexually or otherwise obscene, racist, sexist, or otherwise discriminatory to other users or staff.
  • Use common sense, keep it civil and don't troll others.

4. Be respectful

  • You can disagree with someone and still respect all points of Rule 3.
  • Do not belittle, degrade, insult or otherwise attack users of the forum.
  • Should you feel unable to respect these rules, say nothing, take a break.

5. Do not plagiarise or re-post copyrighted materials or illegal content. Any and all of these types of content will be deleted

  • If you do wish to quote outside sources, be sure to include where the information has come from (refer to rule 1 before doing this)