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Thanks for the update. However, there is an urgent need to fix the bug that avoids adding % elemental damage to armor items (boots, pants, shoulder pads, gloves, helmet).


Created: 1 year, 4 months ago

They have a dilemma now, to release a patch with a league where there will be even more problems with the game and people will spit that they made the patch again, but they did not test it normally. Or sawing it until it is more or less playable, but at the same time players will be angry that there are no patches. I can understand this, but why not adjust the numbers in abilities. For this, a lot of effort is not necessary, I changed the numbers, especially in passive skills or weapons. And warn the players that depending on how this will affect the game, change these numbers up or down. Then other builds will play and maybe something new will open that they could not notice before. Perhaps it will be a bug, or a poorly working passive or skill or small characteristics of a weapon.

Created: 1 year, 4 months ago

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