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solar fall first mod that cause the skill to increase dmg when use is holded for long period of time.

it is broken and cause solar fall to deal 0 dmg no matter its level.

i suggest changing it to alter dmg per tick
if used with the mod that increase dmg tick rate. reduce the dmg boost and reduce critical chance.
if used with the mod that does not require to channel the skill then further reduce critical chance and dmg per tick.

do not apply any reduction to critcal or dmg if not used with the increased dmg tick rate.

also to calculate dmg make it a independent ressource that is only for the skill which base its varriable of Raw sacred damage of the player before the skill is casted.

also i agree with precious posts...the aspect of apocalypse are only useful for having a little moment of unvnerability with moderate to intense dmg output based on your character elemental affinity with the aspect used.

i suggest being able to mod the appocalypse forms just like skills and to be able to have multiple instance of appocalypse forms.

like instead of unlocking them all at one point..
being able to choose a 2nd form at around level 50 and then being able to have a form that llast on the feild with a specifc ammount of energy that can be leeched by killing champions units
if used with full amount energy you could spawn 2 forms blended in one.

think like megaman starforce 2 and 3. that was cool and well implemented and it really made a difference in the fight.

also the skills of the apocalptic forms need to be able to be moded to match different elemental type.

for exemple. sacred can be turned to cold or even electric dmg.

fire can be turned to physical or shadow dmg.

aether dmg can be turned to sacred or shadow dmg.

Created: 2 years, 3 months ago

You should handle the Game up to 39,99 € with next Big Content Update in Autum. May this announce will get up some earlier buyers and its also worth it with new capitel.

Greetings, iam Back out of nowhere. Like to reach Level 100 Expedition now. Then i do my Forum work to gather more nicefull Suggestion Ideas.


Thomas "Thomy Why Ju"

Created: 2 years, 3 months ago

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