Past content, future content, Beta, and a nice surprise!


Past content, future content, Beta, and a nice surprise!

Hello everyone!

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There is a lot to say today. Before presenting you the huge surprise we made for you at the end of this news, I would like to share some information.
Let’s start with…

1.News about the next patch

We want to give you an update on the development of Wolcen: Lords of Mayhem, and how things will go in the next months.

In January this year, we shared with you the Roadmap for 2018. In that Roadmap, we told you that we will release the true Act I of the game. We would like to clarify what “the true Act I” means:

  • Multiplayer/Coop
  • An entire new storyline
  • Apocalyptic form
  • New creatures
  • New environments
  • New quests and dialogues
  • New NPCs
  • New player characters
  • New animations
  • New armors

But also on a more technical point:

  • Improved quality of assets and textures
  • New shaders and visual effects
  • Whole new particle effects with improved quality
  • Huge optimization pass on everything
  • New gameplay mechanics

Basically, we are improving the quality of everything, so it fits better our ambition, and yours.

Since the entire actual environment, armors, and characters will be modified or improved to allow the final version of the game to be implemented, we’ve decided to focus our attention on the Beta transition and no longer add content to the actual version of Wolcen.

This leads the next patch to be planned for the end of September.

We still plan to check regularly on crashes and game breaking bugs to apply hotfix for the most annoying ones, in order to improve your game comfort on the Alpha. Our Community Manager, Jessica (Calistaen on Discord/Steam), is always here to take care of you. So, please, keep giving us feedback and bug/crash reports so we can monitor these issues.

In September 2018, we will officially move into version 0.9 of Wolcen: Lords of Mayhem, meaning: Beta! For this update, all characters and stashes will be wiped, and you will have a whole new game to explore.

We’ve already been working on that content for the last months, in parallel of the patch that we applied at the end of March.

Actually, we’ll do better than that and show you the work we’ve done at the end of this news with a nice cool new video (I told you there was a surprise!).

2. What other changes are planned for the Beta?

Before preparing to move into Beta, we had to reconsider some implementations planned during the Kickstarter. There were a lot of discussions in the office around these elements, and a lot of feedback gathered to reach a final decision. However, we’re confident that these choices will improve the production flow, the game flow, and the overall quality of the game.

  • The Open World

Since we hope that Wolcen: Lords of Mayhem is only the first chapter of a long story, it seemed important that the universe is properly introduced. Having an open world ARPG is an interesting challenge and we’re still enthusiastic about having one for Wolcen, but we will most likely keep the idea for a later title.

Therefore, each act of Wolcen: Lords of Mayhem will have its own map with different areas in it, and the transition between acts will be handled by teleportation/events. However, each act will be connected to a region and we’re making our best to ensure the game fluidity feels as close as possible to an open world.

Also, the environment will still allow random dungeon, optional random quests, and modifiers. So you’ll always have diversity on the maps.

  • The rotating camera

We wanted to try the rotating camera to customize player’s experience in the game. After checking our feedback, it seems that the feature is not used by a lot of players, and even considered quite confusing and disorienting.

Developing the game with a rotating camera forces us to make the view perfectly polished on 360° which adds a substantial amount of work for a feature barely used. To us, it means that the time spent taking into consideration the rotating camera could be used as well on more interesting features for the community. All these elements comforted us in the idea to put this feature aside and make the camera viewpoint more popular.

There will still be some cool camera effects though, and the game will be even more beautiful because we will have a full control on what you see when you play your character, but you will no longer have the possibility to rotate your camera in the game.

3. Will the game be completed?

This is a fair concern we’ve seen a lot in the latest reviews of the game and we want to inform you on how things are going now. Once again, I will just show you.

Perhaps you remember us from a year ago? We introduced the team in our small office on April 21, 2017 :

Now, we’re April 26, 2018.

Welcome to Wolcen Studio!

Yes, the game will be finished and released. The Wolcen Team is growing for you, and most of all, thanks to you and your awesome support since the Kickstarter campaign. Let me assure you that we are all dedicated to making this great game flourish.

Later, I will show you around the studio and introduce all these new faces you don’t know yet.

But for now, as promised, I’ll let you take a sneak peek at what’s been done by the Wolcen team these last few months, and what you can expect when the game moves into Beta in September. Our team is very enthusiastic about this transition, and we hope you will like it despite the waiting it represents.

Thank you all for your support, now and always 🙂

Useful links :
Wolcen’s Global Roadmap: 2018 Edition
Wolcen’s Bug tracker
Wolcen’s Community Suggestions
Wolcen’s Official Website
Wolcen’s Official Facebook Page
Wolcen’s Twitter page
Wolcen’s Instagram Page
Wolcen’s Official Discord server
Wolcen’s FAQ

Help us fix crashes here

Community websites:
German Fan Site :
French Fan Site : Wolcen France

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    Awesome job guys!!!!!!!


    Mattias Magnusson

    Oh damn! in so excited for the beta! :O

    About the camera rotation:

    Like the game is now in alpha stage, the camera rotation is mostly necessary since there is angles where you can’t see objects like chests and in some places there is lights that are in the way of the camera angle. I would love to share a pic with you but unfortunately i can’t at the time im typing this.

    The camera rotation as-is is a game changer, i actually do love that feature, and you can se how much thought and care has been taking place during the development of the game. and i do think this has a great potential to become a great Diablo II killer, for real this time. Diablo 3 changed way too much for it to be even called Diablo 3 in my experience, and i absolutely hated it. Then i found Wolcen in a let’s play on YouTube and immediately fell in love and bought the game with no hesitation that i wouldn’t enjoy it. as the alpha is right now, im creating a new character every week and just farms it to the point where im lvl 20, with the best gear i can get as well as checking how efficient i can get in the game, and it’s awesome that there is a way to be more or less efficient during the farming.



    Great job on the title, guys.  I also found the game by reviewing some arbitrary video posted about current ARPGs, purchased, and have been enjoying the game ever since.  I really look forward to the Beta version in September, but I am sad to hear that you plan to revise out the open world environment.  I really love that aspect of the game, and feel that it sets your title apart from the other ARPGs.  The open world platform provides a sense of individualism to the title, and makes the game a pioneer in the ARPG genre.  At least that’s my personal opinion, and to each their own.  I understand that you plan to adopt the open world environment it in a later title, or perhaps in the further development of the title with following chapters, if I am reading your post correctly. However, I’m sad to read it is washing out.

    I look forward to the Beta release in September. Congratulations on the expansion of your team, and we all hope for your continued success with the title.




    to PhoenicianSon:

    Actually, having such semi-open world is better for first dev team project and also makes it feel more real in size, because open world games with whole world geography tends to be tiny. Example of that games are Sacred’s 1 & 2  patchwork quilt like world with all that different themed regions are stitched all together often without soft transition.



    Dangit. When my friend introduced me to this game and i discovered it had rotating camera i literally screamed. Shit made me so happy to use as a function. I found it even more amazing when i found chests i never saw running in a direction but did on the way back. making new discoveries on an old path make it all the more worth traveling on foot.

    It was a feature i key mapped to my mouse for quick use since i found that even if you could see an enemies head on the bottom of your screen, you couldn’t attack it unless you have some lower body to target. i didnt see a “force stop” button in my setting (cause it would scroll down) so i didnt know if you could shoot an arrow with hunter in a direction without an enemy mob.


    Zair Silver

    Damn. All the way until September. Such a long time from now.



    I might be one of the few to say that but .. take all the time you need to produce your game as you wish it and as polished it can be. you might have the next BIG isometric rpg in your hands and so far it looks amazing. take your time, deliver something awesome and inspiring that people wont scratch as a diablo like but something that will make people scratch other games as Wolcen like. Keep up the amazing work, love you



    That is very disappointing. I used the camera controls all the time, it actually made the game look & feel more refreshing. With D3 where everything is static, you get sick of the areas very quickly no matter how great they look. But by rotating the view around it almost felt like I was exploring a brand new area for the first time.

    It also made fights even more exciting. I could zoom in more and I could rotate to get a better view of the awaiting enemies instead of getting hit from off-screen and being unable to do anything about it until I practically got close enough to see the zits on their ugly faces. Nevermind the fact that some objects, like treasure chests, are obscured by the terrain but you could rotate the camera to get to them. Now that’s gone too.

    Very disappointed indeed.



    Totally agree with Attila, I love the camera rotation ability. I us it all the time and I agree it helps the same areas seem new. The only thing I wished it could do, was tilt the ground when zoomed in close so goes more into a 3rd person view. There isn’t much you can do when zoomed in top view that close even though the details that close are amazing.


    A third person view would go a long way to sell the open world concept




    Tu ne cede malis, sed contra audentior ito.



    Like it is said by others, I also like the camera rotating. It reminds me another old H&S which was called Loki. And it seems to me that this feature has its place in Wolcen.

    If you consider as developers that you should remove it to improve the quality in another way, I’m waiting for an interesting and better result.



    Ahhhh… so no new skills, modofiers for existing skills that cap out at 4  (compared to something like blade slinger with 10??), completion of the outer ring of the skills tree?  Syngeries with the inner rings to further refine specialized class or skill focus?

    Need more skills, though.  Many, many more.  Hugely: movement skills.





    this is almost too good to be true





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