August’s Monthly Development Update


Hello everyone,

In June’s Monthly Update we gave you an estimate of our timeline. We want to update that today and give you a more accurate ETA for our next content patch.

We initially planned to release our next content patch in the September/October timeframe, but to keep our estimation as realistic as possible, we expect this content patch to be released around the end of October/early November. This additional time will give us the opportunity to use and analyse the feedback we gathered after the release of Arise regarding summons, as well as polishing the new end-game activities planned for our next Content Patch.

In addition, we will try to have bug fixing patches pushed frequently in between content patches, if our production cycle and the substance of these patches justifies a release.

Wolcen's primary goal was always to create a game where players can build any kind of hero they want, and we want to keep this in mind while designing our future features. Whilst we work on the new end-game activities for the upcoming content patch we are considering ways to facilitate new, fun, innovative and diverse builds. With that in mind, we want to make sure that you, our community, are involved in the process and helping us make an even better game.

Thus, we want to know what your favorite playstyle is, what crazy build you have played, or ideas of builds that you would love to try out. Feel free to share these in the comments or on our Official Discord.

Our goals are clear and we want to reiterate to you all where our focus is:

  • We want to keep improving the core of the game by implementing more frequent bug-fixing patches.
  • We want to give you more activities in the end-game so you have fun no matter whether you are min-maxing, chasing gear, or just slaying to your heart's content.
  • We want to give you more build diversity and allow for fun and unique build ideas to emerge and be viable all the stages of the game.

Wolcen Studio keeps growing in size, and some amazingly talented people have joined us to make this all possible. We will keep working towards these goals whilst keeping you all in the loop to make sure we're going in the right direction.

Thank you again for your continued support!

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