Developer Update - March 2023


Hello everyone,

Now that we have put Chapter 4 and the console versions of Wolcen: Lords of Mayhem in your hands, we are entering a new development phase dedicated solely to improving the existing game.

While we are very proud of our teams and their efforts in developing and testing the game, we are aware that it could be better. Nothing beats player feedback when it comes to identifying bugs and improvements for gameplay features. We will continue actively monitoring, gathering and analysing the feedback you send us. Even if we cannot respond to every individual, please know we are very grateful to everyone who has taken the time to send us their valuable feedback.

We want to assure everyone that we will focus on fixing outstanding issues over the coming months, improving core gameplay, and refining key features. To that end, we are working to establish a patch release roadmap to share with you. While our production team is still finalising the roadmap, it begins this week with Patch 1, which is currently undergoing the final stages of testing and will address the following major issues, amongst others:

  • It will resolve a UI softlock when accepting rewards from the Restock: Havar project in Champion of Stormfall mode. 
  • It will fix an issue in the conversion system which would leave some characters stuck at the end of Chapter III with no objective. 
  • It will fix an issue where Ahriman would drop no loot (or too much), depending on the game mode. 
  • And more, to be detailed when the patch releases.

Some issues take more time and nuance to fix than others, or, in the case of game features, we must take some time to carefully gauge how impactful changes would be for the broader player base. If you do not see an issue in this list or the lists of future patches, rest assured that we have seen your feedback and will address it to the best of our ability.And finally, the community team would like to note that we will be shelving our traditional "monthly development update" communication in favour of smaller and more frequent updates akin to this one as part of this new patch deployment cycle.

Thank you again to you all.

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