Development update !

Hello community !

We wanted to share how we’re going to be updating things over the coming weeks and months regarding the release of the Alpha early access on Steam. We have been working very hard on the game to provide you an exciting Hack and slash experience

A part of open world will be ready to explore; the different areas were meticulously refined in order to offer diversity in terms of gameplay and ambiance. Going from place to place will always have a different feeling depending of the path you choose to take and the time of the day. Enemies with dynamics level will randomly spawn making sure that you always have something to slay at any place. You will have to custom you build with skills depending of the situation.


Different class of weapon and armor are available at the beginning but expect a lot more to be added along the way. We’ll continue to tune the features in terms of quality and quantity each month.

Craft, housing and dungeon challenge will not be available at first because we wanted to focus more on the core of the game before releasing these features.

Also, some of us will be present at the GDC in San Francisco at the Crytek booth, the game will be playable so come hang out with us if you are in the area !

Thank you again for you support !

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Created: 7 years ago

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