Forums and Prototype release !

Hello everyone!

After two months of work, we come to you with two very nice news !

First of all, if you are a backer of rank Wizard+, you may have notice an email with the prototype access in your mail box! Based on your early feedbacks, most of you have enjoy it, and it is very encouraging for the future!

An option of the prototype allows you to connect your game session on our server in order to send us game info about it, so we can start to work on our telemetry system and gather important information for future game development.

It was very pleasant for us to see that some of you have already started to develop mods, even for the prototype! a French community website, and, german community website, both provide early mods increasing the amount of enemies or revealing some secret content of the prototype, so don’t hesitate to check them!


The second news of today is that our forums are officially available, and your forum badge has been setup!If you use the data you provided us on the Kickstarter form we sent you, or use the same data you used on our preorder store, you will see a badge associated to your account on every post you will make on the forum.

If you have any issue to retrieve the prototype or your forum badge, please open a ticket on our website, once you are logged in. To do so, go to the “User” menu and select “My Tickets”

We are aware of the lack of communication we had this past months, due to an intense amount of work we had to do in order to achieve everything in the right time. We can now say that thanks to the forum, it will be much easier for us to communicate.

Also, we plan to have a post on our Devblog – not necessarily technical stuff – every two weeks max in order to show you how things goes on our side, so you can follow the game development closely!

Finally, we would like to bring a great game now on Kickstarter, Divinity Original Sin 2, created by our friends from Larian Studio that really helped us during our own Kickstarter campaign.

They already delivered an amazing Kickstarter game with Divinity: Original Sin (Gamespot’s PC Game of the Year), and they are now coming back for Divinity: Original Sin 2, and the feature announced sound incredible!

The freedom they aim to bring in their game will make you feel the freedom of a pen and paper RPG, and their party based single player and multiplayer with up to 4 players and competitive questing will bring ton of replayability and depth in the game. They already fulfilled all their promises with their previous Kickstarter campaign, so don’t hesitate to back their project!


Cheers, Daniel Dolui, SolarFall Games

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