KS Update #11 : First Look at the Apocalyptic Form

More than 8,000 backers for over $280,000 in pledges! Let’s keep moving to the next pair of stretch goals for a new Kickstarter-exclusive shield and for the Global Leaderboard!

Since you’ve now unlocked the Expanded Side-Quests Pool Stretch Goal, we’ll be able to add more content to the game! You will now see a larger variety of random events as you play Umbra, making it a bigger and better experience! Enemies may ambush you, you may be trapped in a room while the undead rise around you, a villager may request you to save them in the middle of the wild, you might need to collect an artifact before it is destroyed by enemies, and much more!

Now, on to today’s update. We are going to present to you a glimpse of one of the most exciting features of Umbra: the Apocalyptic Form!

The Apocalyptic Form is an ultimate power every player will have, and it will allow you to shapeshift into your very own avatar of destruction. You will build your apocalyptic form thanks to the various Apocalyptic Upgrades that will be unlocked according to your playstyle in Umbra, and you can mix and match up to three of them at once to create your particular Apocalyptic Form.

Now, enough talk, take a look at the video below!

And speaking of videos, we wanted to share a couple of videos with you in case you didn’t manage to make it on time to the live stream + AMA session from Saturday, you can check the two videos below for Part 1 and Part 2 respectively for said session.



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