KS Update #12 : Free Pets + Media Appreciation Day

What a day! We’re almost at $300,000 thanks to a great push from all of our current backers who are raising their pledge, as well as from all the new backers joining us from several current Kickstarter campaigns, like The Bard’s Tale IV or even We Happy Few (to name a couple of them). We’re extremely thankful for your support, and are thrilled about how Umbra will now include Global Leaderboards!

Because of this, a global leaderboard will be created for Umbra, so that players from all over the world can start to work on making it to the top in one of several categories (highest level, highest damage, richest player, player with the biggest enemy kill count, and more!). Next up we have one more piece of a Kickstarter green equipment that will be free for all backers. These boots will give everyone a really nice movement speed bonus, leaving a great looking trail under your feet!

And once we hit the stretch goal for the boots, it’s only a short jump away from a goal you’ve all been looking forward to… Hero Defense Mode! As you know by now, this will be the first multiplayer mode for Umbra, and you’ll be able to play it either online or over a LAN connection.

And now, let’s move to the main event.

So, we hear you like pets. Like, you REALLY like pets. As you can tell from the title for today’s update, we have a surprise for you. As a thank you for all of your support, we’re IMPROVING three reward tiers for Umbra. Are you ready for it?

Those of you who are pledging at Wizard (or higher) will now get a FREE Umbra WarDog pet skin! If you’re already at Wizard, then you don’t need to do a single thing… you’re set! Not at Wizard? Then you can manage your pledge and select Wizard as you reward to get this new exclusive pet skin along with all of the other rewards at Wizard and at previous tiers!

Now, for those of you at Monk (or higher), you get the FREE Umbra WarDog pet skin (this is an “all of the above” Kickstarter, so you get all rewards for your tier and above – except for early bird and rewards with limited allocation), but you also get a FREE Zombie WarDog pet skin! Again, those already at Monk don’t need to do anything since you’re set, but those below Monk can now change your reward to Monk to gain access to this cool pet skin.

Finally, those of you at Duke are getting another FREE Pet skin… for the Frozen Wolf! This cool looking wolf will be yours if you’re already at Duke, along with the FREE Zombie WarDog and Umbra WarDog pet skins! Not at Duke? Then manage your pledge to select Duke as your reward tier to get every single review at Duke along with every reward tier before it (physical art book, physical Collector’s Edition copy of Umbra, several pet skins, weapon and armor packs, several digital copies of the game, the digital soundtrack and more!).


Who doesn’t like FREE stuff? This is our way of saying “thank you” for helping us make it to the main goal, and for supporting us as we move down the stretch goal list to improve Umbra by making it bigger and better for all!

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