KS UPDATE #14 : Mercs ‘n’ Mutts

Before we get started with our talk about the Pets and Mercenaries you’ll be able to interact with in Umbra, we want to take a moment to mention something that is very important… we have reached the first multiplayer mode for Umbra! Thanks to more than 9300 backers, Umbra just gained a whole new dimension and potential. We are so grateful for your help in reaching this goal, because multiplayer is really something we wanted to develop but we didn’t have the funds to do so! And on top of that, you’ve all helped to unlock the Kickstarter exclusive Green Crystal Armor that will be provided to all backers at Warrior or higher!

We’re now 145% funded and working towards the Female Hero stretch goal which will allow us ti include a proper female hero into Umbra (we’ll talk more about this particular stretch goal over the weekend, so be ready for that update!). And now, into today’s update!

Many of you have asked several questions about what the Mercenaries and the Animal Companions (Pets) will do in the word of Umbra. Are you ready to learn more about how they will help you on this adventure?

At first? Per the default set up, players will only be able to have one of each as they take on all the dungeons, missions and side-quests we’re creating for Umbra… but there’s a twist! Depending on how you build your hero, you will gain access to a set of passive skills that will improve your relationship with your pets and with the mercenaries you can hire, and this will allow you to have up to THREE dog companions and THREE mercenaries with you at once!

Like we’ve said over and over, we want players to play Umbra the way they want, and the game is very permissive for character building. Therefore, high-level passive skills allow for a lot of “super-effects” such as this one! Can you imagine running around a dungeon with the Umbra WarDog, the Zombie WarDog and the Frost Wolf by your side? Or how about a fierce group of experienced mercenaries to cover your back.

And since, again, players can enjoy playing Umbra anyway they want, they can even select to go at it solo with NO PETS and NO MERCENARIES at their side for an even greater challenge! How will YOU take on this grand journey?

The first thing you need to know about Mercenaries is that they fight for gold! You first need to hire a mercenary by paying their initial fee. After that, for each mercenary fighting by your side, a percentage of all looted gold will be given to them! Their name says it all, and they won’t fight with you if there is nothing in it for them!

As for what they CAN do in the game, we want to let you know that Mercenaries have several “classes” for you to choose from in order to get the ideal companion to fight with you. A Mercenary can be of one of these classes:

Per default, all these class will have several attacks (such as, say, stun enemies, force enemies to attack them, cast various offensive spells, etc.). However, you will be able to give each of your mercenary one Spell Book – from the same ones that you loot and read to gain new active skills – for them to use, and this will be a great way to complete your strategy and personalize them a bit more!

On top of ALL OF THIS, Mercenaries will be able to equip any armor, helmet, weapon, ring and amulet that you loot or craft in the world of Umbra! This means that if you’re ready to pay the price, you could have a balanced party full of mercenaries to support your playstyle or to take care of filling a gap in your skill set. How cool is that?

Per default, unless you have a special pet skin for your animal companion (like the one for the WarDog, the Wolf or the Fire Wolf!), you will have a good old-fashioned dog. This dog (or the pet you use from all the available Kickstarter-exclusive pet skins!) will have several functions:

So, there you have it. This is what we have in mind for the Pets and Mercenaries in Umbra! And don’t forget that depending on what tier you’re pledging at, you will gain access to one or more cool-looking and Kickstarter exclusive pet skins for your animal companion!



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