KS UPDATE #15 : Kythera AI System + New Stretch Goals !

$340,000 and climbing!

We hope, just like you, to reach the female character stretch goal in the next 48 hours !

Many of you have requested to see what was going to be in the game after the first stretch goal list, and we are please today to show you the extended version of this list!

As you can see on this new list, the Dungeon Challenge creation, divided in three parts, can be reached before the end of the campaign!

The Elemental Weapons was a request from the community, and we love the idea! We decided to implement it in our stretch list!

The house sharing system will allow other players to visit your house! It is also a first step to the creation of the Dungeon Challenge.

Since many people have requested the Dungeon Challenge to be implemented, we decided to include it in several parts. The complete system will cost some money to implement, but dividing it in several playable milestones is the way we choose to do.

This new game mode will allow player to create a small arenas (first stretch goals) with a small selection of traps in it, and adding various monsters to be killed during the game mode.

In order to do so, you will need to cast a Soul Harvesting spell right before killing an enemy, and kill it in a short period of time. If you successfully do it, you will be able to capture that enemy to reinforce your dungeon! Of course, any mini boss will be able to be caught that way, too, including the “Kickstarter backer named” ones!

The second iteration of the Dungeon Generator will include a replay system in order to allow players to check their dungeon strength and vulnerability, and upgrade their dungeon accordingly!

Another real cool stretch goal is the possibility to equip your pet with various armors! This was also a community request, and we loved it!

Other really cool stretch is also implemented to make the game more rich, such as the addition of new skills, boss, or Fist-Held weapons!

In today’s update video, we want to present you the AI system we are using! Kythera AI, also implemented in the game Star Citizen, is a middleware we chose to use in Umbra. It is the kind of tool, that when combined with CryEngine, allows us to have an optimal working pipeline and speed up our development time considerably. The Dynamic Navigation Mesh recalculation used for AI moving in Umbra’s levels adapts to every change in the world without any additional setup, allowing level designers to quickly test and reshape their work.

The amazing part of Kythera is that this system also works in the final game! So, when a bridge explodes, AI will still find a way to come and try beat you to a pulp! It also means that scenes including moving platforms or walking on the back of giant creature without QTE is possible!




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