KS UPDATE #16 : Introducing Female Character Lore, Passive Skills & PayPal Store

Paypal is now available ! (see below for more details)

You have all worked very hard to help to get us here and you’ve now unlocked the female hero campaign for Umbra! We couldn’t have done this without all of your help, and we’re thrilled about now being to give you an early look at the reasons why the female protagonist will fight to save the Raven Realm!

As a healer of the Republic, the powers that be have decided to send you on a mission to find the reason for Limbo, a disease that’s been decimating the population. With so many people touched by the curse, and after witnessing how it has driven the population to breaking point, you decide to search high and low over the many lands in the realm, to try and find even the slightest clue as to what is really going on… only to always return empty-handed.

With every village and outpost you visit, you not only notice how Limbo has not only continued to spread across the land, but also how, for some reason, the number of attacks from mutated humanoid monsters seems to increase whenever you arrive at a new location.

After traveling for weeks, your journey takes you to a village that is being overrun by a particularly vicious type of mutated monster. Knowing that you can’t let the villagers die at the hands of the monsters, you decide to use your magical powers to eradicate the fiends before it is too late. Once the monsters are no more, you start to heal those who had been wounded. Many are grateful for your help, but you notice that some of them being to whisper, realizing that what they had just witnessed was magic.

Realizing things could quickly turn for the worst, you say farewell to the grateful villagers and continue your quest. Before you leave, an old man gently grabs your arm and places a medallion inside of your hand. You look at the old man, as if asking what this was all about, but he only smiles and starts to walk towards his house. Tired and perplexed, you place the medallion in your bag and set out towards the next village on your map.

When nightfall hits, you realize you must find a place to rest since the next village is still far ahead and because you can’t go back to the previous village after seeing how some of the villagers felt uneasy. While you try to find a suitable place to sleep, you notice a group of humans not far from your position. Intrigued by their healthy complexion and by the fact that none of them, not even the eldest, seem to be ill or touched by the Limbo, you decide to hide in the shadows. They don’t seem like any of the villagers you have found during your travels, and you’re completely sure they’re not soldiers of the Republic either.

Observing from a safe distance, you see several monsters moving towards the group of humans. Understanding you cannot reveal yourself to the group, you use your magic to cut down some of the trees surrounding the monsters, trapping them under their branches. Once you make sure that all monsters are accounted for, you set the heavy trees on fire and watch as the monsters meet their demise in the most painful way possible.

The group of humans searches all around for the source of this bizarre incident, knowing that an outside force has helped them for some reason, but they don’t notice you at all. Figuring they might as well exit the forest before another weird incident gets in their way, the group of humans makes haste for a makeshift camp set in a small cave on the outskirts of the forest. Sneaky as you are, you cleverly find a way to shadow them unseen until you’re close enough to notice that the humans inside of the cavern – also untouched by Limbo – are wearing the same outfits as the ones worn by the humans you have just saved. Not only that, but they’re also using magic to light a bonfire, and to set traps around the cavern to protect them from any intruders… or so they seem to think.

With a fast dash towards the cave, you manage to enter without triggering any of the traps, which does surprise you since you’re good but you’re not THAT good at stealth. The group inside of the cave is also surprised to see you standing next to them. It is then that you noticed that something was glowing inside of your bag. You quickly reach for this item and see it is the medallion given to you by the old man in the village. The glow ensnares you for a couple of seconds, making you lose control over your powers, thus allowing them to manifest. Once they witness your abilities, the group decides to reveal themselves as an ancient order of Templars, created long ago, to face the dark fate mankind is destined to meet. They will need your help in their quest.

In today’s update, we also want to provide you a quick look at the Passive Skills of Umbra.

So far, we’ve mostly talked about Active Skills and Apocalyptic Forms, but there is another layer of power that really change the gameplay that exists in Umbra: the Passive Skills.

You will gain one passive skill Point every level, and will be able to spend it in any passive skill tree of the game.

Each point in a skill tree will allow you to unlock more powerful passive skills in that particular tree.

 We plan to have several different trees, each of them including different powers to orient your character building.

We have only 24 hours left in our campaign, so it’s time for all of you to give us one final push towards the finish line! We have several stretch goals to reach before time is up, which is why we’re happy to announce that you will be able to use Paypal to purchase the game via our website! All funds secured will go towards the pending stretch goals we haven’t reached yet. Some of the Kickstarter rewards will be available during this short period, but after this time, all tiers will be gone from the PayPal page and you won’t be able to get the Kickstarter rewards. Also, the handful of tiers we’ll offer after this time will be set higher (For example, Warrior might be $20 instead of $15 – without VAT), so the sooner you pledge, the more you’ll save.

Note that the Paypal payment is processed in France, so we had to include VAT in it by law.

We’ll soon place a counter on the PayPal page so that will let everyone know how much has been pledged via PayPal, so that you can see how much more we need to reach the next stretch goal.


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