KS Update #2 : New Video – Umbra environment and gameplay

This has been a tremendous start for Umbra! In only four days more than 3,200 backers have joined our cause, pledging over $100,000 towards our main goal of $225,000! We can’t thank you enough, and we hope that you continue to spread the word so that more people can join us and help us to reach our goal.

Today, we want to present to you more information about the environment for the game and its relationship with the gameplay. The following video will show you an awesome combo you can create thanks to your surroundings, and it also ends up presenting some technical information about our work using Quixel MEGASCANS technology.

We’ve had a lot of question about the default reward (WARRIOR), and basically many of you wanted to know how many copies they would get by pledging for the Kickstarer at said level. Below is our official answer, which we think you will like:

Many backers have asked about the Steam copy of the game and the DRM-free copy of the game. How will it work, is that 2 different copies, and will the armors, weapons and pet skins be available for each copy? 

We discussed internally about that – initially, we wanted them to be unique for the backer – and finally thought that it would be much better for us to build a community around the game, as well as to show our support for those of you who believe in us.

So yes, Kickstarter backers will get two digital copies of the game, and depending on the tier at which each of you are backing, the armor sets, pet skins, etc. will apply to all the copies of the game you’re getting. This means you can gift one of the copies of Umbra to a friend (yay!) because what we want is to finish our game and to get as many people as possible to play it.

Therefore, the higher you pledge the more stuff you get!

Once again, we want to say thank you to everyone. You’re helping to get us closer to our main goal, so you deserve to get more bang for your buck!

Note that the Steam Early Access will, obviously, only apply to the Steam key.

We hope this will please many of you. Who knows, it might push some of you to raise your pledge!

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