KS Update #3 : Time to Meet the Boss !

Hello everyone!

4000+ backers and more than 135,000 dollars! This is huge! We are now 60% funded after only 6 days on Kickstarter! We want to thank every backer again, and to take this opportunity to welcome all the new ones who have joined us over the last two days!




Today, we are making a special update about an early concept of a boss from Umbra: The mighty and Dreadful Lambach ! It will be a good way for you to discover some of our unrevealed gameplay elements, and learn a bit more about the lore of the game.

Lambach used to be an ambitious human scientist of the Republic, but his limited understanding of the world lead him to explore the land of the occult. His main interest was the secrets of life and the human body. By reading a tome of ancient knowledge and forgotten religion, he slowly discovered forbidden secrets that humans should have never been aware of.

He tried to enter in contact with unearthly entities, but he failed at every try. He pushed his research more and more, visiting the most cursed places in the world, digging into graveyards and exploring forgotten crypts to harness infernal books and artifacts.



He started to run Red Mass, practicing cannibalism, and he slowly started to lose his mind. He outcast himself from the human world only coming back to capture subjects for his experiments.

He finally entered in contact with a Demonic Entity and signed a pact, exchanging his soul for arcane knowledge on Life and the Flesh. His exterior appearance changed completely, developing into what you can see in the concept image.

But dealing with daemons is always tricky. Lambach was overwhelmed by all the new knowledge he gained, and didn’t have the supernatural powers to exploit them and create life. He started to build unstable Flesh golems and mutated creatures that couldn’t live more than few days.

Despaired by his inability to understand the knowledge he received, he once again ran Red Mass and performed more and more acts of cannibalism, trying to reach the Daemon he had made a pact with. Unfortunately, he never managed to get an answer from him.

Today, Lambach’s body is horribly mutated by all the dark magic he used. He lives in a place called the ”Cathedral of Flesh”, a construction hidden underground where he perform his hideous experiments, and some of his monstrous creation often come up to the surface to terrorize the human population.

From a gameplay point of view, Lambach is located in a swarming pool, a mix of Blood and Water. Players will mostly have their feet in the pool, unless they move on top of the few rocks in the area. He will have several powers, including the following:

The area around Lambach is surrounded with cocoons of his creation. Regularly, said cocoons will open and release a mutated created that will slowly move towards Lambach. If Lambach catchs said creatures, he will regain some health.

What do you think of this first look at one of the deadly creatures of Umbra? Let us know in the comments!

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