KS Update #4 : Home, sweet home

Today, we are going to talk about Umbra’s housing module!


We are completely blown away by the support we’ve received, to be at more than $155 000 already? AMAZING! Less than $70000 to go! Soon we’ll achieve our initial funding goal, and then we’ll present to you the additional stretch goals we have planned.


We want players to have their own place of peace, an area of their own thanks to their hard work while fighting in the wild. We want you to showcase your trophies and hard earned items in a unique place that you build yourself! Are you ready? Then come join us to discover Umbra’s housing module!


Umbra’s housing system allows you to build your house from the ground to the walls, adding furniture throughout the place; allowing you to showcase armors, weaponry and trophy kills.


The following video is an early working prototype of the housing module, allowing you to see the possibilities and to give you an idea what it will look like once the game is finished!


We hope that you enjoy this video presentation! Let us know your thoughts and what you would like to see in Umbra’s housing system! We would love to see what improvement you would like to bring to the game.


We also want to mention that Crytek themselves will be running a stream for Umbra on the 27th.


We’ll mention this again with the link for the stream and the time when it will start in an update next week.



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