KS Update #8 : Kickstarter Stretch Goals revealed !


We are funded! Thanks a lot to the 6700+ backers that have pledged more than $230,000!

And now, the moment you’ve all been waiting for: You asked for stretch goals, and here they are!

We took a hard look at of all the features you wanted to see, and we pretty much rebuilt the planned stretch goals we had for the game to balance things out so that we now have something for everyone!

We kick things off with a special thank you gift to all backers who are pledging for at least a digital copy of Umbra. If we reach $230,000, all backers at Warrior or higher will get a Kickstarter-exclusive green necklace that will grant them an extra boost to the gold and experience they earn as they play… wait, we already reached $230,000 didn’t we? Then now you’re all getting a free KS-exclusive item!

Next up we have a highly requested stretch goal: GamePad support! You’re currently making your way to this second stretch goal, and right now you’re at around 33%, which considering the huge push we had over the weekend, is actually closer that you think!

When launched, Umbra will be available in English and French. But knowing that we have fans from all over the world, we’ve also added a stretch goal to include localization to Spanish, German and Russian, so that more of you can experience Umbra in a new way. So if you want to play Umbra in English, French, Spanish, German and Russian, you know what to do! Of course, multiplayer is one of the first big steps for Umbra as it adds a new mode that can be played either online or over a LAN connection. And we can’t implement multiplayer into Umbra without your support, so please don’t forget to share the link to the campaign so that you can bring even more backers here who want to see Umbra grow!

And right after the first multiplayer mode we have one of the other highly requested stretch goals… a main female hero for Umbra! This won’t be a re-skin of the male hero. This female hero will be a proper female

protagonist with her foot set firmly in the lore for Umbra, and we definitely want to see her implemented into the game.

There are several other stretch goals in the list which you can check below, so please spread the word and tell all of your friends about Umbra so that we can all work toward reaching all stretch goals!


Before we go today, we want to talk about a couple of Kickstarter campaigns that caught our eye.

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