Monthly Development Update - April 2022

Hello Ascended!

It'll be a small update this month as we continue to work on controller support, the UI revamp, and some unannounced projects. However, we do have a few things to cover.

Bugs of Days Gone By

This month we wanted to look back on the progress made by our Quality Assurance team and bug fixers over the months. Since launch, they have squashed over 2300 bugs: both old and new; minor and major; straightforward and multifaceted. Over that time, we have delivered 44 patches, averaging just over 52 fixes per patch.


We’re in the initial stages of preparing for a global balancing pass and aim to deliver it as a mid-term goal. At present, a limited selection of builds dominates the endgame, and many skills and combinations tend to fall to the side. ‘Flavoured’ or ‘themed’ builds can quickly become unfeasible at particular difficulty levels, or abilities favoured for their feel or utility may have to be dropped by the player to be competitive. Ideally, we hope to resolve this by shifting the balance to a place where any build can potentially be effective at higher, though perhaps not the highest, difficulty levels. Ultimately, our broad aim with this pass is to promote player agency and choice and allow for greater diversity and experimentation.

UI Changes

And finally, another taste of the UI changes accompanying the upcoming Controller Support. This month: the updated (and rather beautiful) tooltips. Enjoy!


(Click here for larger version)

That’s all for this month, folks. As always, feel free to join us on our official Discord.

Have an excellent day!

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