Monthly Development Update - October 2021 (Halloween Contest!)


Hello everyone,

Halloween Contest
To start things off, we’re having a Halloween Contest!

The spirits of Halloween are haunting Stormfall! Dress up your Wolcen character in a Halloween theme and send us a screenshot! You can share it with us on our Official Discord in the #Halloween-Contest channel, or share a screenshot on Steam (be sure to include ‘Halloween’ in the description)!

The 3 winners will each receive a Steam Key for the game to give to a friend, as well as a Steam key for the Extended Original Soundtrack!

Submissions close Monday the 8th of November, 23:59 CET. After selection by a distinguished panel of Wolcen fashion experts, the lucky winners will be announced on our socials! We will also contact the winner directly.

Updated Timeline
We’ve made great progress on everything we’re working on, and we wanted to give you an update on the timeline we published in July’s Monthly Update.

As promised, we want to stay fully transparent while also giving you ETA’s that are as accurate as possible. Delaying Wolcen: Arise allowed us to polish the Summons’ Revamp and ship a version we are proud of, especially after seeing you all having fun with them and reading your feedback. But this delay also means our entire production cycle got pushed back a month, and if we want to achieve what we had in mind for our next content patch, we have to take this into account. Here is the updated timeline:

Our next content patch, Wolcen - Late November/early December

  • New end-game activities including new mission types and rewards system,
  • New monsters,
  • New environments,
  • New skills’ damage type variations,
  • New Cosmetic Armor.

We want to make sure the new end game activities we are working on are both fun and worth playing. This means a lot of testing, tweaking, and back and forth between our teams to make sure we can ship the best version possible.

While we would love to ship as many new end game activities as possible with Patch, we think it will be safer, and better in the long run to ship some of these new activities first, in order to gather feedback and make sure we can use it to improve the next ones.

Here is a sneak peek at the new end game activities UI:


Wolcen - February/March 2022

  • Controller Support;
  • New environments;
  • New monsters;
  • New damage type variations for some skills;
  • New armor.

We gave more details on Controller Support in September’s Monthly Update, if you missed it and want to know more, please check it out!

Patch is also our current target for the Unique item improvements (more detail in September’s Monthly Update as well). If they are ready we’ll ship them with the patch, but if not we’ll move them to the next one. Whatever we choose to do, we’ll let you know as usual during our Monthly Updates.

We endeavour to bring value and diversity to a different aspect of the game with each Content Patch. In that regard, is particularly exciting as it lays the groundwork and systems ‘under-the-hood’ that will let us add even more mission types in future patches alongside that particular patch’s focus.

While the scope of the work undertaken in these upcoming content patches has resulted in adjustments in our timeline, we are more than confident that the rewards will outweigh the delay and you will enjoy their benefits well into the future.

As always you are welcome to join us on our Official Discord where you can talk to ourselves and the community, offer and vote on suggestions, and most importantly, show off your Halloween outfits.

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