Monthly Development Update - September 2021

Hello everyone,

Today we want to share more details on our short term workflow, upcoming changes and things we are working on, including:

  • Controller Support & UI improvements
  • Unique items improvements

We announced in our previous Monthly Update that we wanted to keep bug fixing at the center of our production cycle and that we aimed to release more frequent bug fixing patches between content patches. We have pushed 3 bug fixing patches in the past 3 weeks to address specific issues reported by the community, whilst also taking the chance to target older issues that hadn’t been fixed yet.

We are now entering the final phase of development for our next content patch, which should drop around the end of October/early November and bring:

  • New end-game activities and rewards system,
  • New monsters,
  • New environments,
  • New skills damage type variations,
  • New Cosmetic Armor.

Now onto the changes that we plan on shipping later this year, after the release of our next content patch.

Unique items improvements

Following your feedback, we are preparing some changes for Unique Items, which can be summed up in two bullet points:

  • Make them exciting to loot - Seeing a Unique appear on screen should always be exciting, even if the item is not a belt, and this can only be achieved if they are worth equipping.
  • Significantly increase their power.

To achieve these goals, here are some examples of the changes we want to make to Unique items:

  • Increased efficiency on most affixes - Unique items will see their affixes increased in relation to rare or legendary items. Unique weapon damage will also be affected.
  • Extra affixes - Unique items often don't reach the 6 lines of affixes like legendary items, to solve this, we want to add extra affixes to unique items to make them more powerful.
  • Socketable - In line with rare and legendary items, any item type that can have sockets will be socketable.

The design process is still ongoing, we will take the time needed to make sure we can make Unique items better, whilst maintaining a good balance between Unique items and Legendary items/Crafted Legendary items.

Controller Support & UI improvements

We are making good progress on the addition of Controller Support to the game. While we understand this is not a feature everyone will directly benefit from, we are using the addition of Controller Support to implement an overhaul of almost every UI in the game. With this overhaul, we’re aiming at two things:

  • Making sure every UI in the game can be used intuitively with a Controller.
  • Re-designing the UI to also improve the Mouse & Keyboard user experience.

Our goal is not only to offer the best experience possible to players who want to play with a Controller but also to take this opportunity to bring improvements to our Mouse & Keyboard players. The inventory, the shops, the modifiers windows, the character sheet, and the settings menu are all part of the UIs that will be improved.

To conclude, we wanted to emphasize again how important your feedback is, and the easiest place for us to gather it is our Official Discord, feel free to join!

Have a great day!

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what is wrong with ur server in Singapore? Have u decided to just closed all CDN and servers? and crossfingers all the remaining players gave up and stop playing? so to save ur cost while u figure it out how long can u survive with ur WORSEN: Badtrail ? I cant go into online games no matter how many i tried. and if luckily i managed to log into the game; i'm sent to Tokyo servers instead. To the network team; kindly resigned from WORSEN.

Created: 1 year, 1 month ago

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