Monthly Development Update - September 2022


Greetings Ascended,

We are still hard at work on Chapter 4, and we want to announce a couple of the extra changes, big and small, that will be coming with Wolcen’s new Chapter, as well as what to expect afterwards. If you missed Chapter 4’s announcement, you can find it here!

Life after Chapter 4

We are happy to confirm that we intend to introduce seasons to Wolcen after Chapter 4’s release, along with infinitely scaling end game activities.

This is of course something we will be discussing in the future: we have plenty of other exciting things to tease you with before then!

Changes for Legacy Characters

Last year we released Bloodtrail, a significant update that bought new narrative events to the game, massive changes to itemisation and stats, and a necessary reset to the game economy. An unfortunate side effect of that release was splitting player characters into multiple types. Older characters were labelled as ‘Legacy’ and locked out of the newer content, whilst newer characters had no means to interact with 'Legacy' characters, as well as being divided between 'Standard’ and ‘Bloodtrail’ types themselves.

Thus, we are happy to reveal that, with Chapter 4’s release, all character types will be automatically converted into one single unified type and will once again be able to interact, trade, and play together as well as enjoy all the content Wolcen has to offer! In essence, all characters will be converted into Bloodtrail characters and join a single pool. Due to the sheer difference between the gear and stats of Legacy and modern Wolcen’s, we are still refining the details of the conversion process, but we will share details with you all closer to the time.

Character Selection screen idle animations

Your Ascended have faced many challenges, battled fierce foes, overcome armies, and even dared to haggle with Mohabi, but have they ever struck a pose?


A small but fun change coming with Chapter 4 will be the addition of new idle animations for your characters whilst in the main menu. These motion-captured animations will change dynamically based on the weapon types you have equipped.

Online Downtime Completed

We are happy to announce that the backend change has been completed successfully and Wolcen’s online components can be accessed once again. We once again remind you that player friends lists were cleared as part of the switch. If you encounter any unexpected issues, please contact us via [email protected].

That's all for this month, folks. As always you can join us on the Official Discord and have a chat, or you can find the previous Monthly Update here (Covering the back-end change that happened earlier this month, our balancing plans, and upcoming improvements for controllers and the UI).

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