Patch - Controller Support


Wolcen patch is now live. This patch brings:

  • Controller Support.
  • A new UI for both controller and keyboard & mouse players.
  • Quality of Life improvements.
  • Bug fixes.


Controller support has arrived. Grab a controller, sit back, and enjoy a whole new way of playing Wolcen: Lords of Mayhem. You can swap between a controller and keyboard & mouse at any time simply by using your desired input method. While both inputs essentially share the same UI, there are a few bespoke elements for each method that will change automatically.

As of now, official Wolcen controller support is limited to Xbox controllers. However, other controllers can potentially be used with Steam’s controller configuration options. In addition, we will be implementing a few extra features after this patch at a later date: rebinding functionality so you can customise your control scheme and, for those who prefer their shapes to letters, UI icons for Playstation controllers!


Targeting system

When playing with a controller, you will be aided in combat by a targeting system that follows a few basic rules:

  • By default, the system automatically selects the closest available target within a cone in front of the player character. If there is no target within that cone, the overall nearest target is selected regardless of direction.
  • Whilst attacking an enemy already targeted by the system, the target will 'hold' on that enemy for a brief period. The system will not select another target unless a small window of time has elapsed without a subsequent attack from the player and there is another closer target, or the original target is dead.
  • The system comes with a target lock button that will continue to override the system indefinitely as long as the button is held.
  • Note that some abilities override this system, such as abilities that have a manually placeable area of effect.


With the addition of controller support we’ve taken the opportunity to completely remake large portions of the game’s UI, partly to accommodate controller support and partly to update and generally improve the player experience across the board.

The new UI elements include:

  • The Character Sheet
  • Two versions of the Player Inventory: one dedicated to keyboard & mouse, and one to controller use. Which UI is visible depends on which input method you are using at that time.
  • The player’s Storage Chest.
  • Player Cosmetics: dyes, armour skins, and pets.
  • Item Tooltips.
  • The Loot Filter.
  • Merchant Screens.
  • A series of Navigation Menus to change screens when using a controller.
  • The Main Menu.
  • The Options Menu.

Other UI elements that have not changed significantly have still been updated where appropriate to match the new art style and quality.

Controller Navigation

When using a controller, you can access a radial navigation menu by holding the view/select button on your controller. From this radial menu you can access your Inventory/Character Sheet, your Skills & Modifiers screen, the Gate of Fates, Aspects of Apocalypse, and Stormfall Overview. A short press of the view/select button will allow you to quickly bring up your inventory and character sheet.


Whilst in any menu screen, you can navigate to other screens by using the left and right bumpers, while left and right triggers will navigate between tabs within your current menu.


Whilst in a dual-panel screen, such as the new Character Sheet/Inventory screen, you can switch which panel your controller is focused on by tapping the view/select button on your controller.


  • Armour skins, dyes, and pets are now integrated into one menu for easy access.
  • The Character Information Screen has been retooled to present more information at a glance within clearly defined categories. Additionally, the Character Information Sheet now automatically opens alongside the Inventory so you can easily track stat changes as you change gear.
  • Autosort buttons have been added to the player inventory and storage chests. Pressing the button will automatically organise your inventory or specific storage page.


  • Active Skill Modifiers in the Skills & Modifiers screen now have categorised icons so you can determine at-a-glance what each modifier does.

Bringing controller support to Wolcen has been a broad undertaking and has impacted nearly every element in the game, big or small, to some degree. We were deeply aware of how highly-requested this feature is for many players prior to and during its development, and we are as equally keen to get it in your hands (as it were). There will be some unforeseen quirks and bugs, which we will address in post-patch hotfixes after this initial release.

Additionally, we will be adding extra features post-release, including:

  • Button remapping on controllers,
  • Templates for controllers,
  • Rumble options.

We are keen to hear your feedback on both the new UI and the controller gameplay so we can address any remaining issues and add extra quality of life features in the near future. As always, an excellent place to share feedback in on our Official Discord, where you can share your ideas with the community or send us direct messages.


  • Fixed a Skill issue where the 'Erupting Flesh' Active Skill Modifier for Plagueburst would not correctly increase the skill's damage.
  • Fixed a Skill issue where the 'Expendable Meat' Active Skill Modifier for Plagueburst would show the damage done to the player's summon when exploding.
  • Fixed a Skill issue where the 'Mortiferous Guest' Active Skill Modifier for Plagueburst would incorrectly summon rats when allied summons explode.
  • Fixed a UI issue where clicking on Zanafer Stark whilst her shop UI is open would cause the current tab to empty.
  • Fixed an Item issue where bows were treated as Offhands instead of Weapons when comparing items.
  • Fixed an Animation issue where female characters dual-wielding a pistol and a melee weapon would not settle into an animation loop whilst attacking at melee range, causing animations to desynchronise from damage ticks.
  • Fixed a VFX issue where the ice-nova visual effect of the Winter's Grasp Active Skill Modifier, 'Glacial Blast', would incorrectly trigger when an enemy was killed by the skill rather than frozen by it.
  • Fixed a UI issue in multiplayer where the 'Return to Last Checkpoint' button would briefly disappear for all players after one player had pressed it.

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