Patch note for Content Patch 1: Children of Heimlock

[Community translations in progress: DE- FR- RU]

The Patch will be out on June 26, 2019


  • The Story mode is added to the game. Act 1 is now available, including cutscenes, dynamic scenes, and English voiceover.
  • All characters and stashes have been wiped for this Content Patch.
  • All nodes from the Gate of Fates have been reviewed/clarified.
  • 117 nodes have been added to the Gate of Fates.
  • All skills now have 8 Modifiers available instead of 4.
  • Added 8 new unique items.
  • Added 19 new creatures and creatures variations.
  • You can now discover every environment of the ACT1.
  • New tutorials have been added.
  • A new balancing pass has been done.


  • New Dialogues UI: main quest dialogues, gameplay pop-ups, over-head bubbles, and cutscene subtitles.
  • Added temporary bonus icons to display spell advantages.
  • The options menu interface has been redone to improve clarity and allow more space for various options.
  • Fixed issues with chat fading resulting in "undefined" messages.
  • New pop-up UI to display important messages at game start. It can also be accessed through a new "What's new?" button.
  • The chat history is now displayed when changing map.
  • Red error messages are now closer to your ROS dock to improve their visibility.
  • Resource names are now displayed when hovering over the corresponding bar in the UI.
  • Added a World Map button to the interface next to the settings button.
  • Fixed an issue causing a friendly AI's name to remain on screen when hovering over it.
  • Mouse cursor is now hidden during cutscenes.
  • The dungeon name is now displayed on top of the screen when entering.

  • You can now skip cutscenes by holding the spacebar.
  • The Soldier Of Fortune introduction cutscene has been removed.
  • An overlay effect now indicates that a portal is interactive.
  • NPC interaction capsules have been reworked.
  • Fixed an issue preventing the achievement of a quest objective when killing a monster.

  • Improved overall performance, both on client and server.
  • Fixed a crash when swapping items in the storage stash.
  • Fixed a server infinite loop causing player disconnection.
  • Fixed an issue causing the player stash content to be lost.
  • Fixed an issue causing the game to freeze when ALT was pressed while in windowed mode.
  • Fixed a character progression loss issue.
  • Other players don't stutter anymore while moving in slope or using movement skills.
  • Added a synchronization point between players when starting a game at a critical story point.

  • Support AIs are now bound to specific gameplay areas and cannot follow you where they're not allowed.
  • New enemy type: Ghosts. Player and other AI are able to move through ghosts.
  • Fixed an issue in the AI behavior which was causing some monsters to stop moving when they got stuck against a wall.
  • Monsters will now signal nearby allies when they spot a target.
  • The way monsters fall back to their original spawn position has been improved.

  • The AI silhouette shader now works on transparent characters.
  • Added new shader for displaying the player silhouette behind obstacles.
  • Random-dungeons camera orientation has been readjusted to improve the experience.
  • Overkill VFX now fade out before disappearing.

  • Added the Green Bluffs, a forest environment.
  • Added the Coast of Wrecks environment.
  • Added fire caves environment in the Svriir Cavr Network.
  • All Act One Environments have been improved for narrative purposes.
  • Destroyable objects can now be more clearly identified
  • Added new gameplay aspects:
    • Explosive barrel
    • Electrical barrel
    • Flow of souls
    • Icy soul
    • Fire area

  • Fixed multiple issues with the game creation pipeline.
  • Fixed multiple issues leading to the “Your game could not be created” error.
  • You can now choose a region to connect on the servers in the Network options.
  • Added the possibility to automatically start the game Offline in the Network options.
  • Improved server stability.

  • Player character, main characters, and most of the secondary NPCs now have a voice.
  • Additional musics have been added to serve the story.
  • Added Skill unlocked sound for the Active Skills Modifier.
  • Modified Pistol fire sound. We are keen to hear your feedback after long sessions with it.
  • Added alternate pistol sound when using Dual Pistols.
  • Weapon melee impact sounds now are tighter and thicker sounding
  • Dagger now has unique critical hit sounds
  • Fixed abrupt sound transition from Stormfall Marketplace to Exterior.
  • Added reverb to Stormfall.
  • Fixed breakable object sounds occasionally cutting out.
  • Improved starting cast sound for Arrows Wail and Stings of Krearion.
  • Added enemy impact sound for Arrows Wail and Stings of Krearion.
  • Melee gore sound effect has been re-balanced.
  • Impactful skill sounds now dip low priority and overall game mix audio volume.
  • Added Demon of Souls Cage attack warning sound.
  • Added player damage sound to the Demon of Souls’ Banshee scream.
  • Added a sound for the Devourer’s death when his body falls
  • Added a sound when the player is taking damage while frozen
  • Added 'Ghost' melee impact damage sounds, for spirit-type enemies
  • Added sounds for spiders and bears.
  • Added and modified sounds for various Svriirs.
  • Added sounds for new skill modifiers.
  • Added sounds for new environment ingredients.

  • Gameplay texts updated from Frenglish to English.
  • A clarification pass has been done on all the gameplay localization.

  • Reworked the ailment system: each hit will now be able to inflict maximum 1 ailment. The ailment inflicted depends on the non-physical element having the highest average damage. This limitation of one ailment per hit can be upgraded with nodes from the Gate of Fates(Passive Skill Tree) and we want to allow the player to bypass it or upgrade it with uniques, skills and more Gate of Fates nodes down the line.
  • The basic staff projectile explosion radius has been decreased to fix Willpower generation issues.
  • The Health Regeneration Frequency now ticks every second instead of every 3 seconds. This should improve the viability of Life Leech builds.
  • The act map has been revamped and displays more useful information than before.
  • Auto-dash now retargets enemies if the player can't reach its initial target.
  • A gameplay event system has been added to the game in order to gate main quest objectives.
  • Fixed an issue causing monsters to slide on the ground.
  • Monster distribution in levels has been reworked.
  • Reworked damage computation of several skills (AI & players).
  • Knocking monsters back now has a cooldown.
  • Traps have been reworked to avoid multiplayer desynchronization.
  • You now regain health potion charges when picking a health globe up.
  • You now regain potion charges when reviving from down state.
  • Close fire areas don't stack their damage if they're overlapping.
  • Damage conversion formula has been fixed and revamped.
  • Specific game rules have been added to the game introduction quest: forced equipment and skills, limited game systems access, etc.
  • Reworked damage computation when AI of different factions fight.
  • Faction reactions between AI may be different depending on the selected game mode.
  • Expedition difficulty progression is now shared by all characters of the player.
  • All new enemies and the Green Bluffs random environment have been added to the expeditions
  • Accepting a mandate will now spawn a portal instead of instantly teleporting the players.
  • Chests now grant more loots

  • The Frost Tormentor now gives loot as it should do.
  • Added 19 new monsters and monster variations:
    • Wildlings
      • Wallbreaker
    • Svriirs
      • Noxious Swarmwing
      • Omega Female Svriir
      • Sea Noxious Swarmwing
      • Sea Omega Female
      • Caves Noxious Swarmwing
      • Caves Omega Female
    • Cult of the Sleeper
      • Lost Soul
      • Cultist of the Sleeper
      • Fanatic of the Sleeper
    • Republic of Mankind
      • Republican Infantry
      • Alastor
    • Fauna
      • Grizzly Bear
      • Araneïs
      • Alba Araneïs
      • Parvus Araneïs
      • Crystallis Araneïs
      • Minuere Araneïs
      • Vegrandis Araneïs
  • You may now encounter named monsters.
  • Added 12 new named/boss fights, including a final Act Boss fight with 3 phases.
  • Fixed an issue with Svriir Alpha leap orientation.
  • Fixed an issue causing the Svriir Screecher to scream at the sky instead of aiming at the player.


  • The player character has a new starting gear.
  • Added new unique items:
    • Frayed Combat Cleats
    • Bracer of the Ancients
    • Veiled Eclipse
    • Morbid Retribution
    • Genesis
    • Agony
    • Mark of the Blackstaff
    • Soulsbane
  • Item tooltip now displays a color code for qualities.
  • Instruction footer notes have been added to item tooltips.
  • Fixed gem stats reroll.
  • Fixed an issue causing loot drops to appear near a manhole cover in Stormfall.
  • Offhand items now have a visual.


  • Bleeding Edge’s damage conversion now works properly and should not be overpowered anymore
  • Fixed an issue causing Annihilation to fail at hitting destroyable objects.
  • An error message is now displayed when trying to cast Mark of Impurity without a valid target.
  • The Active Skills Modifiers list is now scrolled to the right position when selecting a skill in the skill bar.
  • Added 4 new runes for each skill for a total of 8 Active Modifiers per skill.
  • We reviewed the distribution of points and the way modifiers are unlocked:
  • One Modifier Point is now granted every 2 levels of the skill.
  • Two skill Modifiers are unlocked when the skill reaches level 5, 10, 15 and 20.
  • Added a Major/Minor system for runes in the Active Skills Modifier. Major Modifiers cost 4 Modifier Points. Minor Modifiers cost 2 Modifier Points.
  • All the new modifiers, new placements, and new costs for modifiers can be consulted on this news about the Active Skills Modifier, updated today:



  • 117 new nodes have been added to the Gate of Fates. Ring 1 talents have increased from 15 to 24 nodes. Ring 2 talents have increased from 15 to 30 nodes.
  • The total of available points for the Gate of Fates at level 20 has been increased from 19 to 38. Players now gain 2 passive points at each level.
  • All node values, effects and descriptions from the Gate of Fates have been reviewed/clarified.
  • A gameplay description field has been added to the Gate of Fates nodes tooltips.
  • Weapon of Affliction, which allowed your basic attacks with staves to be considered as spells, has been replaced. This effect is now only available on a specific Unique item.



  • [Major] +40% Attack Speed Score / +40% Spell Casting Speed Score
  • [Major]Gain 3 Stamina Points when at low health. This ability has a cooldown.
  • [Major] 50% Dodge Chance Score after taking a hit.


  • [Major] +50% Status Ailment Chance Score. Every hit is more likely to inflict an ailment on its target.
  • [Major] 25% Force Shield Recharge from Health Globes. Health globes now both heal your health and recharge your force shield.
  • [Major] 10% Damage Reduction when your Force Shield is full.


  • [Major] +50% Critical Hit Chance Score
  • [Major] +25 Rage per hit taken
  • [Major] When under 75% of Max Health, you gain a burst of Health Regeneration. This ability has a cooldown.



  • [Major] Projectiles pierce every target within a 6 m radius.
  • [Major] +1 Projectile to all Projectile Attacks and Spells / -60% Damage
  • [Major] Increase Projectile Damage over distance up to 175% at 15 m (starts at 8 m)
  • [Intermediary] Damage increased by 20% when you are at least at 6 m of all enemies
  • [Intermediary] Enemies with impaired movement take 20% more damage.


  • [Major] Attacks gain 20% damage from the last spell cast. The type of damage is the same as the spell's damage.
  • [Major] Life Leech affects Force Shield instead of Health
  • [Major] +100% Spells Critical Hit Chance Score while your Willpower is above 75%
  • [Intermediary] Damage Over Time is dealt to your Force Shield before your Health
  • [Intermediary] +200 to your Maximum Willpower and Rage.


  • [Major] +20% to All Resistances for you and your allies after blocking a hit.
  • [Major] +40% to All Resistances for you and your allies after picking up a Health globe
  • [Major] +10% Added Block Chance and allow any weapon to block
  • [Intermediary] +0.75% Damage per percent of Physical Resistance
  • [Intermediary] Apply 2 Weakness Stacks upon Blocking an Attack to the targets in a 7m radius


  • [Major] 50% Physical Damage converted into Toxic Damage.
  • [Major] +150% Critical Hit Damage / -30% Non-Critical Damage
  • [Major] +15% Damage when only one enemy is within 7m range
  • [Intermediary] The Critical Hit Chance of the Dash Attack is doubled
  • [Intermediary] Active dodge can go through enemies.


  • [Major] +2 Ailment Stacks applied / -30% Damage that is not Damage Over Time
  • [Major] You can now apply 1 Additional Ailment
  • [Major] Killing an enemy grants 15% Damage for each Ailment Stack on that enemy
  • [Intermediary] +50% Chance to apply an Additional Ailment Stack
  • [Intermediary] Damage Over Time generated with a Critical Hit deals critical damage


  • [Major] +30% Material Damage / Can only deal Material Damage
  • [Major] +4% Global Life Leech
  • [Major] 30% Physical Damage is converted into Rend Damage
  • [Intermediary] +2% Damage per 100 unspent Rage points
  • [Intermediary] +4% Damage per each nearby enemy within 4m range

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Category: Announcements

Frick yeah!

Created: 5 months ago

Tá ficando muito bom!!!

Created: 5 months ago


Created: 5 months ago

Has there been any word on what end game will end up being like? I love the rift system from Diablo 3. Give me some randomly generated zones and a ton of grind and I'm in. Hoping Wolcen will have a similar design for their end game...

Looks good so far though!

Created: 5 months ago

There is already something like rifts and greater rifts in the game. The bounty and the expeditions.

Created: 5 months ago

Absolutely what we have been waiting for cant wait to dive in!

Created: 4 months, 3 weeks ago

aaaaaaaaah incredible ------

Created: 4 months, 3 weeks ago


I don't see the benefit here for the Ranger:
[Major] +1 Projectile to all Projectile Attacks and Spells / -60% Damage.

If you have 2 projectiles doing each 10 dmg, it gives you a total of 20 dmg.
With the major node you get 3 projectiles, doing each 4 dmg (10 - 60%), so a total of 12 dmg.

This is not beneficial.

Still, I can't wait to play the Children of Heimlock patch and discover Act I.

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Created: 4 months, 3 weeks ago

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