PC Patch, XBOX Patch & PlayStation Patch 1.14


Greetings, Ascended!

Today we are rolling out patch on PC, patch on XBOX, and patch 1.014 on PlayStation.

Gameplay Changes:

  • Items with Tier 13 affixes now have their labels displayed in green when they drop, so they can always be distinguished!

    With the next patch, we will also be changing the text colour of Tier 13 affixes in item tooltips to green: until then the affix and item name in tooltips will be displayed as white.

Bug Fixes:

  • Fixed an issue where equipped items would appear to be missing after switching online characters. This was due to a harmless but alarming-looking desynchronisation between client and server, which has now been resolved.
  • Fixed an issue where Summons' Damage type would not be converted appropriately if the player had converted their weapon damage, i.e. through a Gate of Fates node or a Unique like Bio-Flow Symbiosis.
  • Fixed an issue where Average Damage display in the tooltips for Feeding Swarm and Hunting Swarm would only account for bonuses derived from Physical Damage.
  • Fixed an issue on gamepad where the tooltip of an item selected in the inventory would disappear after opening its context menu.
  • Fixed an issue on gamepad where item tooltips would obscure other UI panels when not needed.
  • Fixed an instance where the dialog box for Authentication messages would be stretched out.
  • Fixed an issue which allowed for trading during the Prologue.

Console Only:

  • Fixed an issue on XBOX which prevented the inventory from appearing if the player accepted a trade request whilst the main menu was open.

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