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Greetings, Ascended!

Patch is now available on PC and patch is now available for XBOX! This patch brings improvements to Infinity Difficulty and the campaign save system, along with fixes for bugs and crashes both big and small.


  • Infinity Difficulty. Players can now more easily spend large quantities of skulls. Mouse & Keyboard behaves in the same manner as when adding Attribute Points: use Shift+click to add 5 skulls, or use Ctrl+Click to add 50 skulls. Or, if using a controller, simply press and hold the designated input.
  • We are aware that the Campaign save system can be obtuse, particularly in the early stages of Chapter I where there can be long gaps between save points. To rectify this, we have added two new save points to the early game: one just before you meet Ilthain for the first time, and one part-way through the Svriir Caves after finding the "Tributes Chamber" waypoint. We will examine other similar areas of the campaign and adjust accordingly in the future.
  • Improved the server-side pipeline for animation loading. This should improve responsiveness during gameplay.

    Bug Fixes:
  • Fixed an issue where players in the final phase of the Ahriman fight would encounter a crash or disconnection if the player had completed the "Ward the Palace" project prior to facing him.
  • Fixed a peculiar issue where the side-boss Golmuth, Flayer Philosopher, would bend the rules of time and space and trigger Chapter II's intro cinematic if he was defeated by the player.
  • Fixed an issue during Ahriman phase 3 where Ahriman would get a bit tired and incorrectly stay in place when below 50% health.
  • Fixed an issue which prevented Summons from attacking Lambach Tentacles or Haunt Stones.
  • Tweaked the VFX display of "Avenger" Autoturret's "Consensus" ASM buff for better visibility.
  • Fixed an issue where the UI panel announcing Ahriman's arrival could be clicked through.
  • Fixed an issue where the Lightning and Sacred variants of the Imbued Legacy of the Willbreaker Unique Shield were appearing as "Unknown Items".
  • Fixed an instance in multiplayer where party members could trigger NPC dialog for the game host.
  • Fixed a multiplayer issue where re-joining a game in progress could cause a disconnection for the host and a black screen for the joinee.
  • Fixed an issue in the campaign in Chapter II where interaction prompts would fail to appear above Valeria or the dying shaman.
  • Fixed an issue in the campaign in Chapter I where the Primordial Guardian would not follow its stage directions and would stubbornly refuse to appear destroyed and remain interactable, despite dying.
  • Fixed various niche instances of client and server crashes.
  • Updated various instances of missing localisation text

    XBOX only:
  • Implemented various navmesh improvements to prevent players encountering "invisible walls" in dungeons.
  • Fixed various niche instances of XBOX client and server crashes.

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