PlayStation - Patch 1.03

Greetings, Ascended.

Wolcen 1.03 is now live for PlayStation.

  • Fixed an issue which would cause players to return to the main menu if their character was in Chapter IV. This fix also resolved several crashes that would occur during Chapter IV. We know this was a widespread issue and will continue monitoring for niche cases.
  • Online Improvements:
    • We have made some changes "under the hood" to improve manual server selection. Open the "Online" tab of your game settings to choose specific local servers close to you. The "Auto" and "Lowest Latency" options may produce strange results until a subsequent patch.
    • Improved the client and server-side memory management of Dungeon tiles, which should reduce both their loading times and their load on the servers.
    • Optimised logging on the server, which should improve performance slightly.

We advise players not to complete the "Ward the Palace" project in the Regent Assembly as it can cause a disconnection or crash during phase 3 of the Ahriman fight. We are actively working on a fix.

We are still hard at work improving Wolcen on consoles and are actively monitoring your feedback to do so! Have a great day.

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