PlayStation - Patch 1.05

Greetings, Ascended!

Wolcen patch 01.05 is now live on PlayStation. This patch contains multiple bug fixes, general improvements, several fixes for client and server crashes, as well as some online improvements.

We advise players not to complete the "Ward the Palace" project in the Regent Assembly as it can cause a disconnection or crash during phase 3 of the Ahriman fight. We are actively working on a fix.

As always, thank you for your invaluable feedback thus far and you can expect fixes for further outstanding issues in the near future.


  • Infinity Tier - A cap has been introduced to the player power rewards that can come from Infinity difficulty tier. The maximum number of Attribute points that can be earned is now 500, and maximum number of Gate of Fates points is 20.
  • Summons should now typically have a lower targeting priority over merchants, portals, loot, and other objects when playing with a controller.
  • Improved the targeting behaviour of Gunslinger's Brand on controller.
  • The "Auto" and "Lowest Latency" server selection dropdown options will once again choose more appropriate local servers.
  • Improved the level of consistency between the "arena" area environments for Ahriman's Lieutenants Operations.
  • Improved the visibility of selected ground loot text.
  • Improved the client and server-side memory management of Dungeon tiles, which should reduce both their loading times and their load on the servers.
  • Optimised logging on the server, which should improve performance slightly.
  • Added general performance improvements to the Friends List.

Bug Fixes:

  • Players who could no longer access their characters after investing a large number of points into their Gate of Fates should once again be able to load their affected characters. Note that their Attribute and Gate of Fates points will require redistribution.
  • Resolved a UI softlock when accepting rewards from a completed Restock: Havar project in Champion of Stormfall mode.
  • Fixed an issue where quest markers would not appear after returning from the first portal area in the "Final Struggle" segment of the Ahriman encounter.
  • Resolved an issue where SFX would play on a loop after killing an enemy with a particular boss modifier.
  • Resolved an issue where Ahriman would drop too much loot (or none at all) depending on the game mode.
  • Fixed an issue where bosses on the 2nd level of Expedition Operations would become incredibly shy and fail to spawn.
  • Fixed an issue where Heimlock and Valaria would have doppelgangers present at the end of the Ahriman fight.
  • Fixed an issue where the player character would briefly appear in T-pose before the Wrath of Sarisel score screen.
  • Fixed a particular voice line of Valaria's where she would mistakenly misgender the Ascended if they are female.
  • Fixed an instance of missing lip-sync for Ilthain.
  • Fixed a VFX issue with Iosonic Rain where the two pistols could become offset depending on the player's weapon types.
  • Fixed offset VFX for the unique item "Canalised Staff".
  • Improved looting behaviour on Gamepad when trying to pick out a particular item from large stacks of dropped items.
  • Fixed the "stretching" effect on certain elements in the War Table UI.
  • Fixed an SFX issue associated with Skeleton Cultists.
  • Fixed miscellaneous instances of placeholder text and missing localisation. More localisation fixes are on the way.
  • Resolved an issue where particle effects and audio would no longer trigger in Chapter I after some time had elapsed. We are investigating similar issues in the other Chapters.
  • Resolved an issue where the Flame Wave attack of Ahriman's Spectres during phase 2 would disappear prematurely.
  • Fixed an issue which caused the War Table's difficulty shield emblems to have stretched backgrounds.
  • Rectified instances where the central portal would be missing from Ahriman Lieutenant arenas.
  • Fixed an issue which prevented Skeleton Cultists from using their full range of abilities.
  • Resolved an issue where VFX from the Ahriman fight would remain in place and still be visible during subsequent Operations.
  • Fixed various visual issues on certain armour pieces on the female player model.
  • Tidied up various elements of several cutscenes.
  • Tidied up Ilthain's quest marker in The Only Lead.
  • Fixed multiple crash instances happening in random locations.
  • Fixed several issues which caused some elements of the Ahriman fight to be missing.
  • Resolved two issues which would cause client and server crashes with particular interactions between the Flamethrower variant of the Punisher Exoskeleton enemy and the player.
  • Resolved an issue which would cause a client crash when using a particular combination of Skill Modifiers for the skill "Gunslinger's Brand".
  • Resolved an issue which would cause a client and server crash with a particular interaction between a Cult of Souls Soul Casket and the player.
  • Resolved an issue which would cause a client crash with a particular interaction between a Cult of Souls Risen Executioner and the player.

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